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Review of Miserable With An Ocean View @ The Whitefire Theatre

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Howard Skora in Association with the Whitefire Theatre PRESENTS 


A New Play by Howard Skora
Directed by Jim Fall

Moving back to Long Island to take care of his Mother has Jeff Shapiro (Paul Elia) worried.

He feels he must tell her he is gay before she dies. MISERABLE WITH AN OCEAN VIEW at The Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks brings us this dark comedy written by Howard Skora and directed by Jim Fall filled with laugh out loud (LOL) funny humor of a totally dysfunctional family and how they have dealt with life.

Paul Elia Patty McCormack photo by Jim Fall

Jeff’s life is a disaster. His career is in the dumper, his relationship is over, and his finances are in free fall.

Now he needs to face his family, most importantly his mother. Jeff’s mother, Rhoda Shapiro, played by Patty McCormack, is confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak from a Palsy condition. Dealing with his Mother would be enough, but yes, there is Judy, a wacko sister (Elizabeth Regen) who is considered the worst interior decorator on Long Island, and a macho brother Ray (Alex Skuby) who has a lust for Crossfit training. Oh, and don’t forget the Clown doll Bobo (Drew Droege) who comes to life as a reflection of just how confused Jeff is about everything. The Clown becomes his “therapist” and gives Jeff revealing insight, and how to deal with his family. These actors are fantastic and spot-on with their characters, and it is great to see Patty McCormack again.

Howard Skora’s script is clever and funny, and Jim Fall’s direction is superb, both displaying well polished crafts. It is important to note that there is strong language, and the word “penis” is often used, as well as Judy walking in on Jeff having sex with Bobo. So, this is an Adult play filled with strong language and humor, but very funny humor. And if you are afraid of Clowns, well Bobo will come to get you.

It’s a dark, funny comedy that will have you laughing your pants off. Oops!

Have fun with MISERABLE WITH AN OCEAN VIEW at The Whitefire Theatre. This is a WINNER!!!


Cast: Patty McCormack, Paul Elia, Elizabeth Regen, Drew Droege, and Alex Skuby
Playwright/Producer: Howard Skora
Director: Jim Fall
Lighting Design: Sohail E. Najafi
Set Design & Props: Melisa Myers
Costume Design: Kate Bergh
Clown Makeup, Costume & Design: Dusti Cunningham
Video Design: Corwin Evans
Sound & Graphic Design: David Svengalis
Special Effects: Arthur Goldiner
Board Operator: Paul Lauden
Stage Manager: Jaime Capone
Public Relations: Nora Feldman

The Whitefire Theatre
13500 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Tickets/Information: 1-800-838-3006 or

Plays/Runs: Saturday Evenings at 8:00pm; extended to August 29 (Dark July 4th)!

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