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Review of “THE COMEDY OF ERRORS” @ T.U. Studio

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Williams Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” a farce of hysterical magnitude is presented at T.U. Studio Stage by Jamaica Moon Productions & GGC. This comedy has everything; belly dancing citizens, mistaken identity, a death sentence, a father in search for his long lost son(s), a pair of twins, sisters who share affection for the same man, and confused abused servants.

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This frivolous, fast paced, farce is set in the belly dancing world of Greece, so it is only appropriate to open the show with beautiful girls belly dancing.

The plot centers on two sets of identical twins, lost in infancy during a shipwreck. One set named Antipholus masters to the other set of twins named Dromio. (Yes, the set of twins share the same names – it’s a farce!) Without knowledge of one another, serendipitously both sets of twins are found in the town of Ephesus. As a resident of Ephesus, Antipholus is a married man whereas his twin Antipholus is of Syracuse is a single man who has traveled to Ephesus.

Therein lays the misunderstandings, misperception and a comedy of errors.

These two sets of twins, are wildly funny; Antipholus of Syracuse, Chad Doreck’s, bemused characterization is sensational, Antipholus of Ephesus, Danny Siegel, is the perfect blend of indignation and infuriated victim of circumstances. The performances of servant twins, Dromio of Syracuse, Antonio Roccucci, and Dromio of Ephesus, Justin Truesdale, were high energy, physical comedy at its pinnacle.

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Playing sisters; Adriana, Lauren Plaxco and Luciana, Tejah Signori, are volcanic eruptions of humor, spewing hot molten laughs each time they are on stage. Noteworthy as Angelo, Joshua Farmer, demanded attention with each entrance, the audience literally went wild with laughter at his hilarious performance. When he reads Antipholus

This cast is astounding; the caliber of performances is rivaled by none. Superbly acted, colorful costumes, and meticulously choreographed this production of “The Comedy of Errors” is a gem.

Director, Gloria Gifford, breathes a breath of fresh air into the words of Shakespeare.

A must see production for not only Shakespeare fans, but for anyone, who loves great theatre!'

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Dianne Williams

DIANNE WILLIAMS - Playwright, activist, singer, performer, and is a Fringe Festival Award winner for her play The Rise and Fall of My Breasts

A native of Massachusetts, Dianne currently lives in Southern California, where she volunteers and makes substantial time and effort contributions on behalf of humanitarian, social and charitable causes.

As a writer Dianne has completed a novel; “Out of the Dark”, as well as a collection of short stories, and plays. Dianne contributes articles to electronic magazines, and is a theatre critic for NoHo Arts District.

Dianne was a contract singer with Soul Unlimited. She toured as a solo artist performing with her own band throughout Southern California and Asia. As an actress she used her multiple talents performing in dramas and musical theatre. Dianne is developing a musical combining her passions of music and writing.

“I am grateful for every day that I am able to be of benefit to mankind, it is an honor to participate in the world of creativity.”

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