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“Under My Skin” written by Victoria Garcia, Emanuel Loarca & Fernanda Milan, presented by Teatro Akabal, in association with the Macha Theatre in West Hollywood.

Now in its 10th year, Akabal Theatre Company is reviving this musical/dance/dramedy, “Under My Skin,” which explores homophobia, transphobia and intolerance in the lives of six very different characters, with warmth and humor.

The play tackles heartbreak, injustice and bigotry with the actors themselves narrating their characters stories while performing them and, in some cases, dancing them on stage before us.

Under My Skin” is more like a cabaret than a traditional play. These six stories are sometimes difficult and emotional for both the actors and the audience. But the mixture of music and movement and dance somehow elevates the sadness. The struggles are honored, not exploited. They are given to us as inside jokes, ironic and moving anecdotes that we can all relate to, whether straight, gay or transgender.

This play is about human nature, in all its ridiculousness - proving to us how similar we are to one another, rather than celebrating our differences. The movement and dance are perfectly positioned within the stories, enhancing the mood and connect us to the lives we see unfolding before us.

Leo Vargas photo by Louis Kenji Carr
Photo by Louis "Kengi" Carr

The stories bounce from Mexico to LA, from man to woman, from gay to transgender and everyone in-between.

They are raw and funny and true and sad, but always told with love. I felt as if I were the closest of confidantes to each and every actor in this intimate and extremely entertaining play.

The actors are each so talented and engaging that it’s impossible to isolate one performance from another in order to praise them. The cast is magnificent, and the cheering and laughing and weeping the audience provided at the final curtain is evidence enough to this. The Macha Theatre is a wonderful home for “Under My Skin.” The old Hollywood glamour and quirky atmosphere enhance the ideology behind these fabulous vignettes. These ageless and genderless stories held us transfixed, and when I looked around myself during the performance to see how others were experiencing the play, as I often do, I witnessed a sea of smiles and tears, laughter and pride, as moving as the performances themselves.

Under My Skin” is a show that so reflects the human experience that the audience feels and connects to everything the actors perform, a rare tribute to the writers and the actors. I loudly and enthusiastically recommend this play…..don’t hesitate to buy your tickets, unsurprisingly it’s selling out very quickly…

“Under My Skin” is playing now through April 23rd
Thursdays at 8pm with a Pre-Show at 7:30pm.
Shows just added: Thursday,May 21st & Friday,May 22nd All Shows at 8:00 PM
Macha Theatre
1107 N. Kings Road West Hollywood 90069
BuyTickets at www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1326902 or (917) 689-4567


Protagonist - Leo Vargas
Vic - Isabella Cascarano
La Corbata Muda - Daniel Galo
La Diva - Ludo Vika
Virgen - Delante McCreary
Reina - Anhel J. Pulido
Ensemble - Mariluz Acosta

Director/Writer/Producer – Emanuel Loarca
Executive Producer – Laura L. Figueroa
Dance Arrangements - Beatriz Eugenia Vasquez
Lighting Design - Maarten Cornelis
Set & Props Master - Adalberto Lujan
Stage Manager - Morgan Leigh
Costume Designer - Jillian Clark
Sound Design - Beatriz Eugenia Vasquez & Daniel Galo
Assistant Producer - Rafael Calderon
Art Design - Manuel Chitay
Graphic Design - Genar Alay
PR – Nora Feldman

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
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