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Slow —Children At Play

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Theatre Review - Slow — Children At Play Comedy Improv, Whitmore-Lindley Theatre, NoHo


I love a great improv show and there are many, many improv shows in LA, and even quite a few in NoHo, many of which I have seen.

But Slow…Children At Play is a real stand out. Their director, who is also one of the actors, Tim Simek, started the comedy troupe in LA in back in1998. That this wonderful and creative group of actors are still performing intelligent, improvised comedy is clearly a testament to their generosity of spirit and their commitment to mind expanding improvisation.

Running at two hours, the show is set up as a series of vignettes and games, with some input from the audience in the form of lines of dialogue on pieces of paper, or objects from our pockets or handbags. The cast would then use these objects to create jokes and the lines of dialogue were used in another sketch to spontaneously enhance the storyline. All good improvising techniques, and very, very entertaining to be sure, it’s also one of the few improv groups I have seen with music and effects which really pulled the whole thing together.

This is a cast of equals. So well known to each other it appears that there seems to be an almost supernatural connection, a 7th sense, if you will.

Slow...Children at Play

This connection, surely brought about by the endless hours they must have spent together rehearsing as well as performing, ensures that we the audience are treated time and time again to fantastic and instinctual improvised sketch comedy. I would also like to add how wonderful it is to see so many talented women on the stage performing improv….spectacular!

Some stand outs for me where the Russian Radio show, who's hosts answer inane questions from callers - hilarious, and the Facebook game, where each cast member has the chance to comment, Facebook style, on things that we, the audience, see on Facebook every day that upset or annoy us….very funny and very true.

I actually thought it might be difficult to write a review of a comedy improve show, however, and boy am I happy to have this happen, the comedy and the improv was so spectacular that for me a review has never been easier to write.

Slow - Children at Play perform once a month at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre in NoHo, and I cannot recommend them any more highly.

Truly, each and every one of the cast is brilliant in their own unique way, which is the strength of an excellent group I believe. Mr Simek has done us all a favor in creating and maintaining ‘Slow - Children at play’…really, it is a wonderful show.

Slow Children at Play
Whitmore-Lindley Theatre
11006 Magnolia Blvd.
North Hollywood

You can go to their website to find out when they are performing next and to book tickets.


Tim Simek (founder/director/producer)
Laura Buckles
Ernie Ventry
Rosanne Limeres
Shannan Leigh
Jackie Moses
Mandy Sestak
Kurt Runyon
Wade MacDonald

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