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Theatre Review - A or B

Written by Gerie Rhosen - Theatre Reviewer
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Jason Dechert and Jules Willcox in A or B? at the Falcon Theatre. Photo by Jill Mamey.

It isn’t often that watching good theater hits home and resonates within. It happened opening night at the 130 seat Falcon Theater in Burbank. It is a fun and clever comedy that will make you laugh and sigh. In this production of A or B, written by the immensely talented Ken Levine, the idea of what could have been different if only we made the other choice is beautifully brought to light. Both entertaining to watch and without a doubt very thought provoking for the audience, this two character play is a winner.

Abby and Ben are two confident, attractive, and very driven young professionals. They meet by chance at a job interview and the lines are drawn. If the A path is chosen, then they become romantically involved. If the B path is chosen, life goes another way. How often have we thought about this possibility? The opportunity to go back and change the directions that we chose. In this production, we see two very entertaining and different directions that will provide both satisfaction and disappointment no matter the outcome. Is it realistic to think that we have actual power over any of these things? This question might not be answered in this production however; it is presented here in a very romantic, comedic, and delightful way.
Ben Steele (Jason Dechert) is looking for a marketing director for his firm in New York City. Abby Morgan (Jules Willcox) wants the job desperately. It is obvious that interest on another level is present during the racy interview. Should one of them decide it is a romance more than a business arrangement, or does career trump any type of future love? It comes down to choice in a way. Some of it is in our control and some of it just happens. The question perhaps is if it really matters at all in the end.

Both of these actors are veterans of many other theater productions. They bring to these humorous, yet demanding roles a realism that lends itself to wonder if they themselves have experienced similar circumstances. Despite an obvious age difference with the majority of the audience members, the characters have a universal appeal for all. Jason was so natural in this role that it almost seemed as if he was dating Abby Morgan off stage as well. Jules brings an understated sophistication to the character along with a natural beauty that is envious. Both of them do a delicious job.

This wonderful venue, built by Director/Writer/Producer, Garry K. Marshall and his daughter, Kathleen has been around since 1997. All 130 seats face a perfect sized stage for productions in large and small scale. A great place to enjoy this show or the entire season.

The playwright Ken Levine is a veteran of television and theater and it shows with this production. The characters words and situations are crafted beautifully to portray a very natural and rythmic tone. Funny and poignant, the theme is ageless. The only criticism here is that it does run a little long.

Let’s not forget the great choice for the director, Andrew Barnicle. He is also a veteran of fine stage productions as artistic director from the Laguna Playhouse and The Colony Theater. Although the staging is very minimalist, everything seems to be in motion. A very difficult, yet accomplished task.

This show is definitely recommended and is only playing through November 16, 2014. Call for tickets at 818-955-8101 or or connect on Theater. 4252 Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91505.

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