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Theatre Review - RED LIKE SNOW

Written by Dianne Williams, Theatre Reviewer
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Faith, Survival, and Choices are examined in “Red Like Snow”, a cold and dark thriller follow seven ice climbers who are the only survivors of a disastrous fall through the ice finding themselves entombed at the bottom of a cave and a storm has made the possibility of rescue nearly impossible. This original play by Aerial Segard and Nicholas Rose, is presented at Brick House Theatre, August 8th through September 14th.

Much is covered within “Red Like Snow”, though what resonates with me is Choice. This group of ice climbers grapples with: Hope, Rape, Conspiracies, Insanity, Pain, Suicide, Murders, Hunger, and Cannibalism.

Having survived the fall, will they survive one another? As their supplies and hope dwindle their true characters ooze to the surface. The team waits!

Monica, Melissa Graver, an Icon in the field, is aloof, condescending and hostile. She dismisses the admiration of fellow climber Alex, Aerial Segard, who wants nothing more than to be like her. Monica is controlling but as time passes it is revealed that she is out of control.

An injured Mark, Devon Todd, leader of the expedition carries the burden of guilt for bringing about the disaster. His guilt is fueled by Monica’s celebrity status, her incessant assaults, questioning and berating of his leadership skills. Mark is a sorrowful character.

Two frat boys Ryan, Phillip Pruitt, and Bradley Michael Lewis Hudson find a bottle of alcohol that they consume and carry on like Bro’s talking about Ho’s and their past good times. Disaster befalls Bradley, leaving an angry hostile Ryan to piece together a mystery that others are convinced is only in his mind.

Young and in love couple, Jenna , Chisten Birele, and Tyler, Matt McVay face tremendous obstacles. Tyler deals with insurmountable pain having been badly injured during the fall. He is convinced that his last breath is at hand. Jenna at his side nursing him holds on to her hope for his recovery.

This play is cinematic, it’s plot meaty with well-defined characters. Congratulations to the writing team of Nicholas Rose and Aerial Segard for this collaboration that provides a real people flavor to theatre. There was genius lurking about in the set design. White jagged snow walls in North Hollywood are not easy to come by. The entire cast and set were transportive. Every moment on the stage was filled with drama.

Noteworthy were: Aerial Segard’s portrayal of Alex as a sweet faced soft talking ingénue, harboring an underlying lioness was credibly real. Aerial made Alex the bad ass she thought Monica to be. I wanted more of Melissa Graver’s Monica. The portrayal of Monica was genuine and filled with a still energy, even her pensive moments were intense. Melissa was wonderful. Matt McVay, as Tyler was incredibly moving, emotional and painful. Each breath he took and move he made was poetically painful.

I must recommend “Red Like Snow” to the theatre going audience. See it, and ask yourself how far would you go if you walked in the shoes of any of these characters.

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