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Theatre Review - "Bunny Bunny"

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“Bunny Bunny” Is Truly A Four-Star Gilda Radner Slice-Of-Life At The Falcon Theatre”

Pic 001 - Brendan Hun Erin Pineda Bunny Bunny

What a fun evening with lots of funny parodies, heartfelt moments, disco music and a wonderful telling of a true comedic talent with a pure heart of gold. That’s what the Falcon Theatre’s production of “Bunny, Bunny Gilda Radner: A Sort of Romantic Comedy” is. Written by Alan Zweibel who was the longtime friend and confidant of the late and talented Gilda Radner, he takes the audience on a journey that is totally from his perspective.

From the moment Zweibel met Gilda to her final loss to her battle against ovarian cancer, the story is a personal perspective performed by three very talented and truly honest actors. Dimitri Toscas directed this production and the wonderful, simple set design and screen projections by Adam Flemming adds the warm ambiance of this incredible story of an actress/comedian who touched the hearts of millions for over a decade.

Pic 002 - Erin Pineda Tom Fonss Brendan Hunt Bunny Bunny

Erin Pineda is Gilda Radner. Her sweetness, energy and compassion was exactly what I remember Gilda to be when watching her on SNL and the various movies she was in that I saw growing up. Erin takes the heart and warmth of what was Gilda and channels it into very heartfelt scenes with such a truth and compassion you will defiantly be moved by her performance. I just loved her whimsical take and heartfelt commitment to her character.

Brendan Hunt plays the playwright himself, Alan Zweibel, and, not knowing him or his persona, Brendan gives a sharp, funny and often sarcastic interpretation of his best friend and confidant Gilda. Brendan is sympathetic, energetic and often the sounding board for Gilda, and his on stage chemistry with Erin is just wonderful to watch. His compassion for his best friend will get you more than a little choked up at what they do for each other.

Tom Fonss is listed as “everybody else” and he truly does an amazing job at playing bits and pieces of people in Gilda’s real life. From John Lennon to her husband Gene Wilder, Tom acts as a chameleon complete with attitudes, accents and wardrobe changes that will impress you as he guides his performances with Gilda leading the story. I applaud Tom for his unique and individual performances of all the many characters he plays.

From her walking on her first audition to her last walk with her best friend on the beach after her battle with cancer ended, “Bunny, Bunny Gilda Radner: A Sort of Romantic Comedy” is an amazing roller coaster of emotions and some very funny moments in Gilda Radner’s life. If you know her work, you’ll feel as if you are walking down memory lane with Gilda herself. If you don’t know her work, you’ll feel you’ve just met a sweet, funny and compassionate woman with a best friend that everyone would want. This is a wonderful show for the whole family and you can check them out at www.FalconTheatre.com.

Pic 1 - Brendan Hun, Erin Pineda Bunny Bunny
Pic 2 - Erin Pineda, Tom Fonss, Brendan Hunt Bunny Bunny

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