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Friday, 24 January 2014 01:56

Theatre Review - Art

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“Art Is Dynamic, Funny and Uniquely Engaging”

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“Art” was an original French play produced back in 1994 and written by Yasimina Resa. An Artists Production company presents the version that is translated by Christopher Hampton and performed at the Actors Workout Studio in North Hollywood.

This simple play is sharply directed by Bruce Cervi and is artfully produced by Adeye Sahran. It tells the story of three friends and their interpretation of a piece of artwork that was purchased by one of them and their various reactions to its imagery, cost and detail. It's really about three friends and their opinion of a newly purchased piece of art and how sometimes we do not always say exactly what we mean.

Joshua Thomas plays the character Yvan (pronounced Ivan) with such innocence and passion that you can’t help but feel for him. We all know someone in our lives who is the kind of person who has difficulty standing up for himself or herself and defending or supporting his own beliefs or feelings. Joshua does some enlightening monologues that really showcase his dramatic abilities and mastery of the dialogue and language of this play. It was just pure magic watching him bounce off and feed upon the abuse he was getting from his two friends ‘being honest’.

David Morgan plays Marc who is the one friend who sees the art worked purchased by their friend Serge for what it is. David plays it very serious and sarcastically with a lot of comic overtones. Watching and listening to him allows him to take the audience's position regarding the painting and what it really is. (Or how good it is.) He tends to be truthful but with a sharp edge of what may seem to be cruel commentary toward his best friends.

John Ruby is Serge and he is the more direct and one might say cruelest in terms of saying his opinions of his friends and their opinions – especially about his art that he purchased. John is calm in his delivery but an extreme amount of passion and energy in everything he has to say. The chemistry between David and John was electric to watch especially when they were arguing their points of view. Meanwhile they were both constantly persecuting Joshua and his character for being less than he should be.

Now, I don’t want to ruin the detail of the piece of artwork that was purchased. But understand, it is the reason for the excellent dynamics, some of the funniest scenes and, gives these wonderful actors a playground of dialogue to really strut their abilities, which they each do very well!

“Art” is a wonderful performance piece that these three actors make a marvelous evening of drama, comedy and the revelations that friends can have about each other. Some good. Some bad. Make sure you see this because you’ll be surprised how entertaining the story is and how real the characters are! Check them out at www.anartistsproduction.com.

Pic 001 - Joshua Thomas, David Morgan, John Ruby

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