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Theatre Review - Waiting for Johnny Depp

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“Fun, Fantastic, Funny But ‘Waiting for Johnny Depp’ Warms Your Heart Too!”

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Now, if you have never seen a one woman show before (or a one man show for that matter), this would be a great way to break yourself into one of the hardest, most challenging things an actor can do on stage, perform for you, an entire show, by themselves. Complete with decorative scene changes, colorful costume changes, make-up changes and more, “Waiting For Johnny Depp” is not just a musical with a sharp attitude, but one with the heart and soul of its lead performer, DeeDee O’Malley. And, Deedee has a wonderful rhythmic and theatrical voice and a superb sense of comic timing too!

Sabrina Goodall with K.I.S.S. Theatrical’s presents “Waiting for Johnny Depp” at The Secret Rose Theatre in North Hollywood with much humor and flair. Directed and co-written by Janet Cole Valdez, this play is wonderfully staged and presented, and comes from an amalgamation of personal events, real situations and some fantasies thrown in of a real life actress and her adventures to pursue her dream. Written by both Deedee and Janet and with a wonderful score and music composed by Deedee, Janet and Bettie Ross. Bettie also performs the score as well during the show, is the arranger and music director for the show.

From a Lab Tech to Marilyn Monroe, from phone sex actress to hipster, from showgirl to downright depressed, Deedee gives the full spectrum of an actress pursuing her dream of being a world famous - who just happened to get a call back from her agent about being considered for a film that is starring Johnny Depp himself. I think this would put a huge smile on Mr. Depp’s face if he actually saw this play (especially the ending) and its musical telling of practically what are the stages of every actor’s ambitions.

“Kiss My Ass” and “Anything For My Craft” really sum up the ambitions of the struggling actor who sometimes lets her ambitions exceed her resources. The “Next Week” song takes a snappy personal look at the fact that sometimes we push aside the ones we love and care about most for goals that should probably take a back seat to what’s really important.

Pic 002 WFJD Production Still 7

As her character, with a very funny and long full name, laments over a fellow actor she thinks is as infatuated with her as she is with him in the song “Flowers From Phoenix.” As he and her money both run out, “This Time” and “Got A New Job” creatively explains what obstacles and triumphs ever actor must eventually face. There is even a funny song, if a little morbid, that describes Mrs. Kenndy’s reaction to her husband (JFK) being shot in her lap called “Kennedy Audition Song” that, although weird, is very very funny.

I think my favorite song is when she does a perfectly synced duet with her brother who passes away and cause her character, Rita Donatella, to realize – “What Really Matters.” The voice of Tony is beautifully sung, off stage in a recording by Michael Duff. They really sound great together with such perfect harmony. The finale with “Kiss My Ass Reprise #2” will definitely have you laughing out loud too!

The show has a very fun and stylized set design by Michael O’Malley, some toe-tapping choreography by Zonnie Bauer and some additional music by Tom Valdez, but overall “Waiting for Johnny Depp” is a funny and fantastic showcase of Deedee O’Malley’s wonderful vocal, comic and stage talents. Everyone who’s ever thought about being an actor (or is one) should see this! Check them out at

Pic 001 - Deedee O’Malley as Rita Donatella
Pic 002 – Deedee O’malley as Marilyn Monroe

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