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Theatre Review - Walkin’ in a Winter One-Hit-Wonderland

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The Falcon Theatre and one of the most creative comedy troupes you’ll ever see, the Troubadour Theatre Company, present a wildly modern/classic/musical treat they call “Walkin’ in a Winter One-Hit-Wonderland.” With some of the cleverest one-liners and bits of comedy mixed in with music and dance, you’ll have so much fun that you might actually get asked to be in the show! (Wink, wink – spoilers ahead!)

Now, with that said, let me speak of the talented musicians. The musical director Eric Heinly is also on drums, Kevin McCourt plays keyboards, and the bass is alternated by Kevin Stewart and Dana Decker. These performers do some of the catchiest versions of some of the most memorable one-hitters (and holiday songs) out there.

The entire talented singing and dancing ensemble cast and full-on production is masterfully directed by Matt Walker who has some of the most incredible facial expressions and character looks that just will keep you in stitches. His other partner in ‘comedy crime’ also sharing some of the hosting duties is Rick Batalla who has a sharp wit and does the improv rather well while making each show unique to the audiences that watches. Rick also produced all of the amazing videos you’ll see sprinkled throughout the show! Both Matt and Rick are pure electricity with their quick wit and tireless humor as they guide the audience along for a really fun and wild ride of music and comedy.

Now for the “star” of the evening, yes its Rankin & Bass’s original creation of the Winter Warlock as skillfully played (and reprising it for the umteeth time) by Beth Kennedy. Beth just makes the Winter Warlock warm and fuzzy while leading the story as to his quitting the entertainment business. This sets the ensemble of performers a roar and the musical song and dance is told through a ‘Dicken’s-like ‘A Christmas Carol’ format. I certainly can tell Beth is having a great time in her wonderfully designed costume which was the artistry of Sharon McGunigle.

Okay now I have to mention the fiery vocals and electric dance steps of Katherin Donahoe were just amazing to watch, the sultry and seductive vocal tones of Katie Nunez will swoon both your heart and soul and the cute, adorable and sparkling personality both in voice and movements of Lisa Valenzuela will keep you singing along out loud with every song you hear.

The high energy, feel-good and fantastic moves of Suzann Jolie Narbonne, along with her sweet vocals chops will make this a holiday performance one you will not soon forget. Not to mention Suzanne choreographed the entire show with brilliant pizazz and flair!

You’ll hear your favorite Christmas songs, holiday tunes and some of the more popular one-hit wonders in the music world, but let me tell you why I had a great time at the show. I got picked as part of three people from the audience to help the show move along. All we had to do was be interviewed and strut our stuff on stage. Well I guess I strutted the best because the audience thought I was the most entertaining on stage and clapped the loudest for my little dance. Boom….backstage I went. Boom....a red Santa outfit was fitted on to me. Boom….I was rolled out on stage in a Santa chair and another batch of holiday favorites began as well as Winter Warlock’s change of heart about show business! (NO, they didn't know I was reviewing the show until after the fact on stage! They were hysterical once they knew and the audience ate it up!)

The show was simply fun and full of music. With some witty comic stylings, a dash of good holiday music and a little sprinkle of audience participation and you have the Troubadour Theatre Companies’ “Walkin’ in a Winter One-Hit-Wonderland.” Fun for all ages and quite filled with moments you’ll remember well after you leave! Check them out at

Pic 001 LtoR – Andy Lopez, Suzanne Jolie Narbonne, Matt Walker, Rick Batalla, Beth Kennedy, Lisa Valenzuela, Katherine Donahoe, Katie Nunez

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