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Theatre Review - The Mystery of Irma Vep!

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Pic 001 Lord Edgar Matthew Floyd MillerLady Enid Jamie Torcellini inThe Mystery of Irma Vep

“Irma Vep” Is Pure Comic Genius On A Schtick After Schtick After Schtick!”

OMG! The Falcon Theatre presents yet another amazingly entertaining and wildly fun production once again and it’s called “The Mystery of Irma Vep!” Written by Charles Ludlam, it’s the story of several characters who reveal mystical and gothic facts about their family and its lineage. The characters are brash, big, bold, colorful and extremely complicated and yet you will laugh out loud until your sides ache when you see these characters come to life. Amazingly enough all seven personalities that are portrayed on stage are the works of ONLY TWO actors!

Incredibly staged and blocked with some of the finest comic planning and visual site gags I have ever seen in a live comedy stage production, director Jenny Sullivan really did the amazing job of making this story surrealistic and fun while letting these two amazing actors shine. I can only imagine how much fun Jenny had getting this production off the ground and getting it so fine-tuned to the point that you’ll be laughing until your tears are flowing!

Jamie Torcellini is an amazing funny, charming and energetic performer. His sense of timing and pace for both comic lines and wonderfully designed site-gags are amazing to watch. Jamie does incredibly quick costume, make-up changes and clearly defined characterizations of all the personalities he plays! From his hysterically funny portrayal of over dramatic Lady Enid Hillcrest to his creepy, innocent, stumbling wooden-legged and side aching funny Nicodemus Underwood, Jamie will have you laughing to tears. Did I mention his Alcazar and Pev Amri characters will have you wondering how the heck he does all wardrobe changes and instant personality adjustments so fast?

Equally as funny, sharp and quick with the wit and humor that are all three of his characters, is Mathew Floyd Miller who will keep you laughing after you thought you couldn’t laugh no more! Again, OMG, Mathew’s portrayal of Jane Twisden, the live-in housekeeper of the manner will have you holding your sides. The owner of the manor, Lord Edgar Hillcrest, has Mathew playing it so straight and wild it’s just too funny to describe. Also keep an eye on Lord Edgar’s mustache, you might start tearing there because of what happens and you’ll hear yourself laughing so hard out loud.

Pic 002 Nicodemus Jamie Torcellini Jane Twisden Matthew FloydMiller in The Mystery of Irma Vep

This production has incredible scenic and lighting design by Thomas S. Giamario and perfect period costumes appropriate and beautiful for the story by Alex Jaeger. Mixed with some of the most hysterical sound cues and design by David Beaudry and along with some of the cleverest, creepy, yet funniest props every created that all designed by David M. McElveney, you are just going to have so much fun!

Mathew is tall and skinny to Jamie’s short and beefier build and the contrast with their physiques coupled with their sense of comic timing make the play nothing but a laugh-a-minute, fun-filled adventure that even takes them to Egypt with hysterical results. I really felt like I was watching one of the older Harvey Korman and Tim Conway sketches done on the classic and amazing Carol Burnett Show where the actors went above and beyond the script and made it that much more funnier because of who they were. Their humor literally was like watch a tennis match between two great pros. Each ‘volley’ of delivery returned to the other with such sharp, witty and relatable humor.

Quick, don’t miss this one and check out “The Mystery of Irma Vep” as soona s you can. Visit the website at This is a perfect fall Halloween treat for everyone if you appreciate really good talent in a really well written and directed production! Have some fun, go now!

Pic 001 Lord Edgar' (Matthew Floyd Miller)'Lady Enid' (Jamie Torcellini)

Pic 002 'Nicodemus' (Jamie Torcellini) 'Jane Twisden' (Matthew Floyd Miller)

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