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Theatre Review - Fall Shorts

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“Fall Shorts” Is A Funny Series Of Vignettes With A Theme!

Pic 001 Knight Davison Gregory James - Fighting Mr. RIght A

The Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks has a real ‘trick or treat’ for you in a series of vignettes done with comical style, varied personalities and in some not-so-ordinary situations. Directed by Bryan Rasmussen and produced by Jake O’Flaherty, "Fall Shorts" has a wonderful cast of performers and each piece is written by an individual writer. The production includes 11 short scenes and the writers are; Steve Korbar, Maureen A. Martin, Daniel Guyton, Bette Smith, Barbara Lindsay (who wrote two), Raegan Payne, Rhea MacCallum, Linda Gallegos and Pedro Antonio Garcia.

With the Halloween theme in full gear, let me highlight some of the performers without giving away too many spoilers. Gregory James does an amazing performance as a man with a confused inner dialogue that he actually comes out into the audience with his issues in one scene and in another he plays a man on a first date who goes to extremes to insure the second date. Both scenes really showcase Gregory’s comic timing and diversity as an actor. Toni Perrotta does an amazing job at playing a somewhat unfocused lesbian friend in one scene as well as a fiery Latina dancer with a very hysterical attitude in another. Toni just makes you laugh out loud with her comic timing!

Tony Nunes shows a wonderful innocence of a character who happens to want to end it all on the night he actually meets ‘Mrs. Right’! Now another distraught person, played by Camille Thorton-Alson, has personal issues and happens to be planning her demise and finds Tony as her ‘Mr. Right’. This was actually the most well-performed emotionally driven scene and has the biggest of hearts. Both Tony and Camille are amazing together.

Christopher Hampton really plays an overzealous security officer with such energy you’ll be laughing out loud in one scene and then in another scene he is the “conscience” of another character who has no problem saying exactly what he is thinking! Suzanne Mayes plays a somewhat off balanced yet amazing funny ‘accident waiting to happen’ stalker-type of an actual stalker in her scene. Kat Kilkenny is amazing funny to watch as she plays a sexually confused, wonderfully ‘not-so-bright’ wife of a husband who has no clue what pleasures she’s recently discovered.

Liz Bliss gives an excited and often erotic interpretation of her friend Hannah Landberg as she explains what a recent discovery she has made about her body. The two have a really funny exchange of, shall we say, concepts of arousal, colorfully performed of course.. Ian Gregory Lockhart plays a pretty good drunk in this scene as well as in another scene he plays a father with certain candy issues against his multi-racial wife, played passionately by Angela Conner, who his hysterically and frantically is just as obsessed with candy just like her husband is.

Both Elisabetta Tedla and Milia Mae play two sassy salsa dancers who know how to move as well as deliver some sharp, funny and witty dialogue too! Gordon James, Jr. does a wonderfully charming ‘Erkle’ like nerd at an airport who is the cause of a major (and hysterical) drama to occur. Sophia Louisa Lee does an incredibly convincing ego driven diva in contrast to the broken hearted and confused birthday girl played by Lauralee O’Shell. Also, she happens to be being ‘tortured’ by a supposed friend in a really cynical (and funny) performance by Bette Smith. Taylor Smith plays a confused person on a date with a little more than his conscience overwhelming him.

Knight Davison is yet another sassy Salsa girl who loves showing her best sides off and a little snarky too! Maximilian Schlossberg does a sedate, yet creepy, performance as a serial killer in one scene and then the amazed and overwhelmed victim at an airport. Margot Danis is a model/actress with Hollywood style attitude, with a few desires of her own in an interview with a producer who has ulterior motives. Victor Dante will make you smile when you realize which side of the fence he is really on and a helpful little waitress is portrayed by Mary Jo Wells.

With a really large (23 actors!) cast that is filled with diversity and situations that will turn your head, it’s an entertaining evening filled with a Halloween theme, lots of fun, diverse characters as well as plenty of humor. Mixed in with a few surprises, “Fall Shorts” at the Whitefire theatre is something everyone in the family will enjoy. There is adult language. Check them out at

Pic 001 Knight Davison, Gregory James - Fighting Mr. Right – Well performed!

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