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Theatre Review - Rumination @ ZJU North Hollywood

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“Rumination” Is an Amazing Piece of Performance Art with Music and Dance!”

Mark HeinCenLtoR Anna Laura Singleton Michelle Talley Peggy Flood  Tessa-Jade Richardson Tracey Collins. Btm LtoR C. L. Surniak K. Gault  D. Melody

Indian music, culture and philosophies can be argued as some of the most calming, artistic and beautifully stylized forms of art and expression that have been around for centuries. Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood has a most ethereal experience of music, dance, culture and ‘readings’ called “Rumination” that will transport you through a wonderful experience.

Directed with such subtleties of style, grace and a lot of artistic passion, Amir Khalighi, takes the audience on a journey of calming light, organic music, whimsical dance and sprinkles it with spiritual readings of nature, life and personal expressions of living. Complete with authentic stylized costuming, flowing candles and some very ethereal choreography, “Rumination” is truly something to be seen. This is just performance art at its best.

I think the most interesting and clever introduction into this type of performance art was done here when Amir, as director, chose to use lighting queues that are switched on and off momentarily, which put all the performers in various poses, over and over. This happens for about three or four minutes or so and it was really visceral and exciting to watch as with each of the lights the ensemble would be representing a different pose each time. This was all done to the sound of a heartbeat and rhythmic breathing. Very nice.

The wonderful ensemble of performers includes; Mark Hein, the only male in this harem of beauties, Anna Laura Singleton, Michelle Talley, Peggy Flood, Tessa-Jade Richardson, Tracey Collins. Celina Lee Surniak, Katelyn Gault and Deneen Melody. Each performer is contributing to the prose they each offer to the audience and performs examples of serenity and peace within yourself and nature around you.

My understanding is that even under the direction of Amir, all these performers basically came up with their own individual routines and those of Tessa-Jade Richardson, Celina Lee Surniak and especially Deneen Melody were amazing to see move so fluidly. As was Tracey Collins and Peggy Flood who were filled with emotion and passion in their reading while Michelle Talley did a wonderful eccentric and ethereal read of her prose.

If you have never seen ‘performance art’ before, and the serenity of Indian music and dance, “Rumination” is definitely something you should see. Just under an hour, the time moves so swiftly, that the calming nature and rhythmic dance will surprise you at how quickly you will have enjoyed the experience, and before you know it, it’s over. (Too soon for me.) Check them out at

Pic 001 - Mark Hein,(CenLtoR) Anna Laura Singleton, Michelle Talley, Peggy Flood, Tessa-Jade Richardson, Tracey Collins. (Btm LtoR) C. L. Surniak, K. Gault, D. Melody

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