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Theatre Review - Dancing On The Edge

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“Dancing On The Edge Is A Wonderful Showcase Of Movement Style”

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If you are a fan of the wonderful ability of storytelling, conceptualizing and artistry that can be done in the form of dance, Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group in North Hollywood has a delightfully entertaining treat for you. It’s called “Dancing On The Edge” and it uses all styles and forms of music to accompany some of the most skillful dancers in our L.A. theatre community.

Directed by the wonderful Denise Devin, she took works of various musical songs, types and styles and mixed an amazing group of performers to make you laugh, feel compassion and just be amazed at their various dancing skills all in one package.

The amazing choreography was staged and choreographed by Carrie Nedrow with the cast members Donna Noelle Ibale, Jade Waters-Burch, Randall Morris and Cody Whitley. Let me break it down for you.

Donna Noelle Ibale: Donna has an amazingly beautiful and sharp dancing form and equality to her movements. She is fluid and sharp yet with the subtleties of warmth and passion as she glides and dances in almost every style from jazz, ballet, to rock and hip hop and everything else you can think of. I just was amazed when I watched her performance and her dance skill combine to really entertain without ever saying a word. I just couldn’t take my eyes off Donna, not to mention her incredible choreography.

Nicole Wormley: Nicole is the essence of what a real stage ballerina should be. Her ballet steps were amazingly light, swift and sharp and she knows how to get your focus and express the emotion needed for the piece of music you are hearing. Nicole was mesmerizing to follow and watch as she glided across the room.

Cody Whitley: Okay, Cody was simply acrobatically sharp, daring and bold. He moves with the grove and has a sharp rhythmic timing about his steps. He literally dances on the wall, on a ladder and moves his body in ways you wouldn’t think possible. Cody was electric to watch especially his acrobatic, self-choreographed, wall-climbing number.

Jade Waters-Burch: Tall and elegant, Jade knows how to move, grove and even salsa. Watching her energy and infectious smile as she whizzed across the floor with her dance moves was a pure delight. Jade has a lot of passion in her eyes so when you watch them for yourself, keep and eye on her fantastic foot movement as well.

JJ Dubin: JJ brings to the table his unique form and lean body to very stylized and emotionally driven movements to his songs, he dances too. His dark features just accentuate his a fast moves and wide steps of passion. JJ was definitely extra spectacular to watch with the Latin-style tunes.

Randall Morris: Randall, besides showing us a small amount of traditional tap dancing, brings much humor to his moves and characterizations and yet, by the same token, adds a dramatic flair to his numbers. He shows off his ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance with lots of enthusiasm and humor. Randall is just pure fun to watch.

Zee Smith: Zee makes this show modern and more than street-wise. Her hip-hop styled dance moves were both spontaneous looking and quick to the beat, however her ‘robot’ dancing caused a small rumble of delight from the audience and her mechanically moves made us believe as if she were a real robot. Zee balances the classic with the ultra-current dance moves extremely well.

If you are looking for a wonderfully mixed buffet of stylized dancing of all kinds, mixed with the obvious talents of these performers and marvelously directed by Denise Devin, then go see Zombie Joe’s “Dancing On The Edge.” Fun for everyone! Check them out at

Pic 001 DOTE -(LtoR) Donna Noelle Ibale, JJ Dubon, Jade Waters-Burch, Nicole Wormley, Cody Whitley,Top-Randall Morris, Zee Smith

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