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Theatre Review >> “Fool For Love!”

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“Sweaty Passion, Anger and Confusion is “Fool For Love!”

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American playwright Sam Sheppard wrote the play "Fool For Love!" in 1984 in San Francisco and it was critically regarded as one of Sam Sheppard’s more racy writings. Here at the Theatre Unlimited (T.U. Studios) in North Hollywood is a lavishly passionate production of “Fool For Love” directed by Gloria Gifford. It is very stylized and with a uniquely enchanting lighting design by Chris Rivera that gives it meaning and a lot of passion.

Set in the Mojave Desert, Lauren Plaxco does more than a wonderful and classy job of playing May, a woman who is confused, hurt and, above all, seemingly in love with a man who doesn’t seem to hang around too long for any one time. Lauren puts her all into this character and she is broad and vivacious with her words and extremely passionate with all her actions. Her snarkiness toward her man Eddie is just as sharp as her emotional outbursts of anger and lust.

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Playing the “love” in her life is Chad Doreck playing Eddie, a man, who like the audience, is more than confused at what May actually wants. Chad with his well-drawn-out Texan accent and his physicality to convey not only his confusion but his personal passion for May is very clear and quite interesting to watch. Both Chad and Lauren have good chemistry together and they definitely show a cat-n-mouse desire.

Playing what would be considered the “date for the evening” is Zach Killian as Martin. Zach nails it on the head as the man just expecting a simple date at the movies with a beautiful young woman, but actually gets badgered by her cousin, brother, lover……he’s just not sure what Eddie is to May.

Playing “the old man” is the stoic yet almost clairvoyant persona of commentary and exposition, Robert May. Quiet, yet bold as he speaks very broadly as the play comes to its apex and you learn exactly what history can do to you.

The play, although slightly long winded in terms of the passion monologues of each character, actually comes alive because of the performances of Lauren and Chad. Their energy and desires make the show a little more than “sweaty” and seductive, both for them as actors and the audience watching. Not for the young, but definitely for an audience who wants to see raw desires expressed extremely passionately on stage. Check them out and their details at

Pic 001: 1st - Chad Doreck and Lauren Plaxco arguing.
Pic 002: 2nd - Chad Doreck and Lauren Plaxco making love.


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