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All For Art ... Review #3 ... I went to see All For Art last Friday and like I said before some work you can see it once and that's enough...some other work you can see it time after time and you continue to discover more details... magical gems and moments that happen when everything is flowing... So far So good for All For Art !!! This was my 3rd time seeing the show and my favorite so far !!! To me the timing was perfect !!! and was very dynamic... So I could enjoy every line and every nuance from each of the performers. Vee Kumari, Chris Worley and Jo Galloway were all superb !!! The trio of actors are like a Jazz Trio or a Rock Power Trio getting tighter and sharper gig after gig !!! I highly recommend this informative comedy to anybody who would like to have a laugh and learn-relate to artists struggles,idiosyncrasies and taxes !!! Directed by Gretchen Goode and Produced by Darren Portilla for ShoWorks Entertainment ... All For Art is at The Sherry Theater in NoHo Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm through the month of September... For tickets and info go to

J.J. Alemany