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Hollywood Fringe Festival - Closer

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Hollywood Fringe Festival Review- "Closer" at Art of Acting Studio.

Written by Patrick Marber

Directed by Christian Durso


"Closer" is a play about truth and how we all try to avoid it, especially in our intimate relationships.  But, as they say, “the truth will come out,” especially when used as a weapon.

In this production of the second play written by British playwright Patrick Marbers, the set is totally and intriguingly open, allowing the action to flow effortlessly and with very little pause from one scene neatly into the next.  The actors not in the scene sit at the side of the space, their backs to the stage, present but not actually “there.”  The very little adjustments to the set allow the play's only pausing in the fate of these sorry characters, their tragedies unfolding on stage for us, to be the ones very specifically placed there by the playwright.

It’s ingenious and it works brilliantly.  We are witnesses not only to the actors' interactions with each other as dictated by the playwright, but also the subtle changes they go through as they prepare themselves to perform.  It really is a fascinating insight into their craft and it also shows the audience how each of these characters within the play is actually performing for the other…it’s all lies, all manipulation, all competing to hurt or love or break each other. So where is the truth?

In the end, this play about truth shows us more about the lies we tell and the lives we break because of them. It’s a brilliant piece of work as it twists and turns between the drama of a thriller and the playfulness of a romantic comedy with all the coincidences of eccentricities but none of the laughter. 

It’s really not supposed to be funny though, it’s supposed to be grotesque, real and sad.  In the end, the character ‘closer’ to the truth is the one everyone assumes is lying most of the time.

The performances are fabulous.  You can cut the atmosphere these marvelous actors create on stage with a knife. Each one of them so different from each other, they almost seem alien.  Their need to manipulate is what connects them all and they all do it with an awful kind of skill.

If you saw the film of this play with Julia Roberts, Clive Owen, Natalie Portman and Jude Law then you might already have a sense of the loneliness of this story. But the film has nothing on a live interpretation, especially this one…it is truly excellent.

I highly recommend you see this production of "Closer." All the proceeds go to benefit the Stella Adler Theatre Outreach Division which offers free acting training to inner city youth, underserved populations and correctional facilities in L.A.


Dan………………Dan J. Evans

Larry…………….Neyssan Falahi

Anna……………..Lize Johnston

Alice………………Cristina Rambaldi

Written by Patrick Marber

Directed by Christian Durso

Stage Manager: Jessaica Shields

Lighting Designer: Ray Jones

Producers: Cristina Rambaldi, Lize Johnston

Tickets: $15.00


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