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Hollywood Fringe Festival - Inversion

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Hollywood Fringe Festival review - Inversion at The Sacred Fools Theatre through June 18


The theatre for this play was packed, which for a comedy always contributes so much to the production. 

Hearing laughter all around you creates a much more inclusive experience and “Inversion” certainly has much to laugh about.

The play revolves around “Adam,” an extremely awkward math genius who has a great deal of difficulty with the ladies. His best friend Brendan is quite the opposite, although his promiscuous and vapid dating behavior wears a little thin on him by the end of the play and it gives Adam the worst kind of an example to emulate while he looks for love.

Adam meets a lovely girl, Rhonda, and is tempted to “try her out” as a girlfriend to learn how it’s done, so to speak.  When the two eventually meet up he falls head over heels for her pretty roommate, the beguiling Natalia, breaking Rhonda’s heart and wasting any hopes he might have with her.  Natalia, as it turns out, it not particularly interested in him. After one date she sends him on is way, and after trying all he can to woo her, he turns to Rhonda to console him.

Adam’s mother is suffering from Alzheimer's and creates a sadly comic sounding board for Adam’s woes.

His best friend Brendan meanwhile has troubles of his own, finally falling in love, much to his dismay he sees life from Adam’s perspective and discovers a whole new regard for him.

This is a playful play.  It’s about love, obsession, perspective and friendship.

Everyone is in love with someone else and no one is particularly happy, which is life I suppose, in all its broken glory.  There is much to like here, sweetly wrought performances, great comic writing and an unusual and extremely compelling performance from the playwright Aditya Putcha as Adam.  The rest of the cast is brilliantly supportive with great comic delivery.

Think "40-Year-Old Virgin" meets "A Beautiful Mind" and you’ll be in the ballpark.

It’s a classic comedy, a bit sexist, a bit silly, but very funny and warm, it certainly has it’s heart in the right place. I recommend you add it to your Fringe calendar.


Adam Daniel, Gaia Passaler, Shayna Spielman, Lena Zhanik, Aditya Putcha

Inversion is playing at The Sacred Fools Studio, 1078 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 90038

June 3, 8, 16, 17, 18.


Online: INVERSION - Tickets at the Finge

Door: Cash only


Box Office Phone: 916-214-6255

EMH Theatre FB Page, INVERSION - FB Event Page 

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