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Hollywood Fringe Review - "Moments"

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Theatre review of "Moments" at the Hollywood Fringe Festival playing through June 25 at the Stephanie Feury Studio Theatre.

Written, directed and produced by Bernadette Armstrong.

How do you take something terrible, something painful and so hard to bare and transform it into power, into purpose…

"Moments" is a play about one woman’s struggle to regain balance in her life after a sexual assault.  Through showing us a little of her life since the assault, how something as inane and every day as road rage can trigger her trauma and take her right back to that moment that changed her forever, we can, even in some small way, connect to her and share her burden.  Is that helpful?  Is it healing?  We can only hope that for her and for the many others like her that it truly is.

This is such a difficult subject.  The writer Bernadette Armstrong does an exquisite job of communicating this women’s fractured life.  Even in her own home she feels little peace and only after calling her therapist can she calm herself.  The audience is caught up in her distress and the truth that the world has a difficult time facing the horrific statistics and that most rape goes unreported.  

By participating in art like this, where our own fears are mirrored by someone else’s reality, we can go some way to show how vulnerable we all are and how big of a problem sexual assault is.  The victims are so often overshadowed by the crime.  How can we help them?  What support do they need? These are not questions I hear too often, the focus is usually on how to prevent it from happening or the punishment for the perpetrators.  “Moments” really gives a very clear picture of the life of a survivor of rape and how isolating it can become.

The Fringe is a perfect venue for “Moments” and, although it might be tough to see, it’s important that we support plays about this subject, especially when they are as expertly handled as this one. 


RESERVATIONS: (818) 437-0177.


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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer, director, filmmaker living in Los Angeles. She co-created the unprecedented project 52 Films/52 Weeks: A Year in Filmmaking, where she and her partners, wrote, directed, produced and edited a film a week for an entire year. She currently has several independent film projects at various stages of development.  

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