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Hollywood Fringe - "Bitch Brow"

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"Bitch Brow" playing through June 24 at The Lounge Theatre during Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Written by Demetra Kareman

Directed by Tara Karsian

This was my first Fringe show of 2017 and what a great way to begin!

Set in a Long Island laundromat in the early hours of the morning, "Bitch Brow" centers around three people whose lives would never ordinarily intersect.

Teresa, who works the night shift at this 24-hour establishment is your typical Long Island ‘townie’ native.  Too smart for her own good and more than a little bored with her life.  Her boyfriend Jimmy is sweet but a little slow and destined to over reach in his small time criminal career.  Then there is the odd one out, Elodie, a New York lawyer, uptight, out of place and very possibly up to no good.

With Jimmy off on his own misadventure, Teresa is alone in the laundromat when Elodie drops in with some emergency laundry.  After a few false starts the two strike up an unlikely kinship over cheap vodka and a shared longing for a different kind of life.  Meanwhile Jimmy gets himself in deeper and deeper trouble and we can sense the looming catastrophe in every heavy pause. What this tale becomes is something much more unnerving than we expect and the expertise of the actors and the way the play cunningly ducks and dives around issues that aren’t at all apparent at first give this one-hour world premier a wicked edge.

There’s an intensity in the lives of these three people that, although dramatized for the stage of course, still seems very real, poignant and believable.  Even when it all turns strange, ugly and shocking, the reality of what is happening is really very beautifully and touchingly exposed.

It’s all in the excellent writing, by the highly accomplished Demetra Kareman and the brilliant direction of Tara Karsian.  This really is a women’s piece and so smoothly played out about lives full of longing and melancholy love, so authentic and painfully, darkly funny.  "Bitch Brow" is also superbly cast, all three actors are perfection, absolutely brilliant in fact.  They just really make the roles their own and I can’t congratulate them enough on their wonderful work.

I think you can probably tell by now that I really loved "Bitch Brow,"- funny, dark and a bit twisted. If you have the chance you should really go and see this play…the set is also really awesome.

June 2nd at 6 p.m.,

June 4th at 4 p.m.,

June 15th, 6 p.m.,

June 17th, 10 p.m.,

June 19th, 8 p.m.,

June 21st, 8 p.m.,

June 24th, 8 p.m.


Teresa - Bath Triffon

Elodie - Teagan Rose

Jimmy -Gabriel Notarangelo

Production Crew

Scenic Designer - Jason Bolen

Sound Designer - Daniel Gower

Graphic Designer - Molly Tuttle

Tickets are $10 and available at: http://hff17.com/4296

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