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Hollywood Fringe - "Three Can Keep a Secret"

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NoHo's own Theatre Unleashed presents "Three Can Keep a Secret" at Studio/Stage at Hollywood Fringe Festival playing until June 24

Written by Gregory Crafts

Directed by Jacob Smith

Produced by Theatre Unleashed

When is a friendly card game not a friendly card game? When the host is the mark and the guests are two hoodlums trying to rip off their boss, whack the stooge, grab the money and maybe even keep the girl…

"Three Can Keep a Secret" is a wild romp of a play set in the swanky Long Island home of a very nervous film producer with a bad gambling habit who owes money to the mob.  The two lugs sent to pick it up have something very different on their minds...easy money and a quick exit out of town. What could possibly go wrong?


Well, the first thing that does go wrong is the film producer’s wife coming home unexpectedly with her very drunk friend and forcing the two neer do wells into a corner they don’t much like.  It’s at roughly this point in the play that the audience is introduced to the ‘twist’ in the proceedings with the help of the recently deceased Mason’s ghost, the aforementioned film producer, who guides us through the process.   At several critical moments in the story we, the audience, are given a choice.  The action on stage freezes and we are offered two opposing paths for the story to continue on, the most popular one wins and the play proceeds accordingly. 

With the help of this ingenious premise, no two nights are ever the same and the audience is fiercely united by a glorious sense of inclusion and terrible power.  It’s hilarious and fun, and the actors are obviously making the most of every single second on stage.

It’s like the best possible party game ever, with very little effort, well on the part of the audience at least, the actors are up there giving it everything they’ve got!

All the actors' performances are wonderful, just laugh out loud good and the entire audience is enchanted. I actually checked this, I looked around at my venerable compatriots and they were all glowing like kids at a magic show.

"Three Can Keep a Secret" is classic ‘Fringe’ fare…funny, innovative and a little bit strange and all in a very, very good way.

I highly recommend "Three Can Keep a Secret." The folks at NoHo’s own Theatre Unleashed do not disappoint…ever.


Julia - Heather Lynn Smith

Sonny - Jim Martyka

Mason - Carey Matthews

Denise - Mandy Muenzer

Moose - Graydon Schlicter

Studio/Stage,520 N. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

June 3, 9, 10, 17, 24

For further information, please call: (818) 849-4039

Or check out http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4735

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