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Don't Miss This Play!
This production of Charles Gordone's 1970 Pulitzer Prize Winning "No Place to be Somebody" is clearly a labor of love that has been carried in the heart of its director, Richard Lawson, since he performed in its first production 50 years ago.

In one explosive scene after another, our packed house was taken on an emotionally charged ride through the most prickly issues of greed, race, and sexual exploitation -- but with a refreshing margin of moral ambivalence, laced with dark humor.

The set will draw you in. The cast will keep you riveted. Even the Waco Theater Center itself is a gem, festooned with art, and conceived by Richard and Tina Lawson with the same degree of passion that produced this play.

Director Lawson's unique history with Gordone's work, combined with this production's first-rate cast, make for a rare cultural moment that should not be missed.

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