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What’s better than living in the gem of the Valley?

We all live here for many reasons; weather, creative outlets and all the opportunities that only Southern California provides. The NoHo Arts District and surrounding areas provide one of the most unique living experiences throughout the Los Angeles area.

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The Young Actors Ensemble at the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood has a frolicking production of a Steve “Wild and Crazy Guy” Martin’s play written originally in 1993 called “Picasso at the Lapin Agile.” Colorfully directed by Tommy Statler, the play is an amalgam of crazy, bizarre and witty humor that can only come from that legendary comedian's mind.

Dance & Fitness Instructor Heather West Celebrates the High Art of Lusciousness

With Three Year Anniversary of Luscious Maven Pole Dance Studio

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When dance and fitness instructor Heather West first envisioned opening her own dance studio, she dreamed of creating a space that liberated a woman's mind, body and spirit through movement.

Early Morning Rebel

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Recently called "Darlings of the Fashion World” So Cal based band Early Morning Rebel is proud of its LA roots but their soulful sound has universal appeal and has been winning hearts in Europe as well as the U.S.    We caught up with EMR lead guitar player Dustin Bath fresh off the fashion show runway world of London and Paris Fashion week.

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A Musical Celebration of the Young at Heart!

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New to the Theatre of Arts – Arena Stage in Hollywood is the fun-filled World Premiere of THE BEAT GOES ON! A Musical Celebration of the Young at Heart.  Featuring the musical direction by David O, and written, choreographed and directed by Ovation Award-winner Cate Caplin, we are entertained by a glorious cast of hugely talented actors and performers and a fabulous, live 4 piece band.

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They can also be referred to as “Toothpick Legs” and “Skinny Legs”.

We’ve all seen the guy in the gym with a big, massive muscular upper body reminding us of a super hero, but then one glance below the waist reveals a horrible epidemic amongst gym rat types; chicken legs. How can some guys be so impressive and intimidating from the waist up, yet so weak and weary looking from the waist down? Most skinny legs can be attributed to simple neglect.

boy_peeing.png - 31.60 KbWith summer here now, it's real important to make sure you stay properly hydrated. Since heat related illnesses often follow dehydration, staying hydrated is key. But how do you know when you are dehydrated? One simple method is to check the color of your urine. I know it sounds kind of gross, but it's a simple and quick way to get a gauge on things.

i remember lou - whitefire theatre north hollywoodWhitefire Theatre presents


Music, Lyrics and Book by Alan Stillson

I REMEMBER LOU, a new musical comedy with live music, has opened at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks. The book, music and lyrics have been written by Alan Stillson and directed by Alissa-Nicole Koblentz, with a large cast performing multiple roles.

dersk_painting3.jpg - 33.64 KbDedication, what does this mean? If you are listening to the radio at the lovers' hour, then it means someone is playing your favorite song and the DJ has just announced your name over the airwaves and your lover is smiling and you are blushing, cause he/or she remembered you loved it.

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Win a $40 Gift Certificate for PITFIRE PIZZA

pitfire.jpg - 15.57 KbPitfire Pizza is located at:
5211 Lankershim Blvd., NoHo
Tel: 818-980-2949

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