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“Dirty Little Demon” Is Filled With Passion And A Dark Obsession!

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North Hollywood has one place where live theatre is always new, fresh and original. Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre is the place to find it! Written and directed by Joseph Le Compte, “Dirty Little Demon” takes a chaotic look at the dark side of the devil how he can make people do what he wants them to. A  ‘dark side’ to the devil you ask?

It’s the story of a birth of a devil or ‘the’ devil and his influence on the weaknesses of people from all walks of life. Cleverly played with great expression, timing and an extreme amount of delight, Matt Harrison plays the devil himself with such passion and humor that you can’t help but be creeped out by his fantastic make-up but at the same time be drawn into his charismatic charm. Matt is engaging and at times intense and breaks the fourth wall many times to include you, the audience, in his observations of the dark side of the human condition. Matt is fun, whimsical, real and extremely scary in his empathetic performance.

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Joseph Le Compte (yes the writer and director) plays a man with many issues (wink, wink) named David. Joseph adds much color and style to his psychotic personality that you really see what a sick man can do to either harm himself or others. David does a great job of ‘flipping a switch’ and literally going crazy right in front of you. And Joseph does more than a pretty good job at making us believe ‘this guys in nuts!’

Gabby is another character that obviously has obsessions and issues with sexuality, perverseness and control and she is played intensely by Caitlin Reilly. Caitlin is energetic, erotic and often passionate with her performance of a woman who has desires that one might say is not quite the norm. She obviously is putting herself into the role and is having great fun with it too!

Nervousness, fear and a little bit of transition can be seen in the performance of David Wyn Harris who plays Jeff. David plays the lack of self-esteem issue very well. Eventually his character learns, as does the audience, what the end results will be and realizes this is something he does not want to be a part of. But did the devil actually make him do it? (Shhhh.)

Keri Green does a fine job showing her trapped distain for being a prisoner and victim and eventually meets her demise as the character Angela. Mark Leland plays a priest who has more issues than you would expect for a man of the cloth, but you’ll eventually realize all the characters have an end you’ll not soon forget.

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The music involved in the production is mood setting and the amazing make-up and props will allow you to understand that, although a small theatre in size, very big meanings and performances can bloom with the great stories and emotion.

Warning, there is nudity and on-stage blood, (so this is not for the young). But if you are looking for a wildly entertaining and yet bizarrely mesmerizing entertainment, this play is definitely for you. It’s very different in tone and emotion and yet is filled with a lot of charm at its heart, even though it’s a little more than dark subject matter, you should enjoy the experience. You’ve got to see this one. Check them out

Pic 001- Dirty Little Demons, (Back Row) Matt Harrison, Joseph Le Compte, Catlin Reilly and Mark Leland (Front Row) David Wyn Harris, Keri Green

Pic 002- Dirty Little Demons,  David Wyn Harris and Catlin Reilly

Pic 003- Dirty Little Demons, Matt Harrison

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