Cream Popular

11135 Magnolia Blvd, North Hollywood, 91601
Price Range:
$4.99 - $29.95

In 2010, Jimmy and Gus led the Shamieh family in opening the first CREAM location in Berkeley, California.

It was a throwback to their childhood, when it became a “thing” for them to sandwich rich ice cream between mom’s fresh-baked cookies making one-of-a-kind cookie ice cream sandwiches. We wanted to share these secret creations with the entirety of humanity (or at least Berkeley). We made four promises. The first was to provide premium products made from our own proprietary recipes with superior ingredients. Next, keep costs low so that happiness remains affordable for all. We also wanted to delight each customer by showing you the same love you’d show your own BFF. And, of course, a fun and relaxed atmosphere where an impromptu karaoke song and dance session could break out at any moment!

One taste of CREAM’s incredible ice cream sandwiches prepared to perfection, and you’ll be at a loss for words. Which is fine, because it’s rude to speak with your mouth full. Even if it’s filled with the most delicious ice cream sandwich you’ll ever have.

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