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Carter Sexton's "Decades"

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Friday, 21 July 2017 10:24

NoHo's Tribute to Amy Winehouse

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Amy, Amy, Amy.

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Feel guilty when you eat junk food? Do you tell yourself that once a week is okay or that that greasy hamburger is good for your skin? My question is why junk food tastes so damn good?

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Hey North Hollywood! Did you know that Sunday, July 14 is International Nude Day? This holiday originated in New Zealand when former rugby star and TV presenter Marc Ellis dared people to streak in front of Prime Minister Helen Clark. I guess there are many fans of nudity because in the past five years more than 30 countries now celebrate International Nude Day.

Friday, 05 July 2013 11:29

News >> World Kissing Day

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Hey North Hollywood! It's time to break out the lip balm and Binaca. One of our favorite "holidays" is coming. July 6, 2013 is International Kissing Day or World Kissing Day! The history behind this holiday is a little vague but this is what we could dig up.

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