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If you are over 40, the Los Angeles Public Library you went to never had computers and you would find what shelve a book was on by using, albeit sometimes complicated card files. There were no videos, online databases, automated reminder calls that your book was late.  The library of today is completely computerized with more than six million books in the library catalog. You can listen to audiobooks via computer or laptop. The L.A. Public Library has extensive databases and over 50,000 photographs of Southern California history available online.

What astonished me the most was the announcement I heard that the Los Angeles Public Library's Silver Lake Branch will be the first library to adopt the MyMobileLibrary application (app), that allows patrons to privately and securely check out items from anywhere within the library using their smartphone.  It is the first mobile app in a public library for self check-out with security and will be available to patrons in August 2011.  The app also provides a detailed list of checked-out items and due dates.  Mobile self check-out means less waiting and faster check-out for L.A. Public Library patrons.




However, if you miss the "human interaction," visit the North Hollywood Library at the northwest corner of Tujunga and Magnolia Blvds.  The NoHo Library, as the nieghborhood calls it, is a historic and cultural monument built in 1929 and, in 1981, officials renamed the library after Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and who also lived in North Hollywood.  Yes, parking spaces are not that easy to come by but when you talk to that knowledgable, helpful librarian you will know why it was okay to walk a 1/2 block to the North Hollywood library.

I am proud to say I am a card carrying member of the Los Angeles Public Library.  Are You?

Check out the North Hollywood Library's great activities  for the entire family:

·  Jul 07 - Summertime Film Series: 2:00 PM

WIMBLEDON (2004) starring Kirsten Dunst and Paul Bettany.

·  Jul 09 - Sew Good Sewing Club: 2:00 PM

Join likeminded sewing enthusiasts for an afternoon of sewing and chatting. Please bring your own sewing machine, if possible.

·  Jul 14 - Summertime Film Series: 2:00 PM

FIRED UP! (2009) starring Eric Christian Olsen and Sarah Roemer.

·  Jul 16 - Stock Investing: 11:00 AM

A Business Librarian from Loyola Marymount University offers information on Basic Stock and Mutual Fund Investing using Los Angeles Public Library (LAPL) resources. Topics include: Basic Stock Investing, Basic Mutual Fund Investing, and Quick Overview of S & P Net Advantage.

·  Jul 21 - What is the Electric Car?: 5:30 PM

FILM SCREENING - WHAT IS THE ELECTRIC CAR? is a new feature-length documentary from Nemours Marketing & Dastoli Digital about Electric Vehicles (EVs) which will become commonplace around the world by the end of 2011. This film will trace the early history of EVs and continue forward 100 years later to follow the re-birth of an entire industry. This film is not just for EV enthusiasts or those passionate "Green" consumers, but will be an exciting journey for all audiences to go "Back to the Future!" Short Q & A after the film with film's producers. Several Electric Vehicles will be on display. After the program, a FREE ZAPino Electric scooter will be given away, valued at $3,500.00. Each film attendee will be given one (1) raffle ticket upon entrance. "Live" contest drawing will be held immediately after the film. No purchase necessary to participate in the drawing.

·  Jul 21 - Summertime Film Series: 2:00 PM,

ACCEPTED (2006) starring Jonah Hill and Justin Long.

·  Jul 23 - Book Club: 4:00 PM

NoHo Book Club will be reading "The Believers" by Zoe Heller. Copies will be available at the Reference Desk.

There are also great things for children and teens.

XBOX Game on big screen projector, summer reading club, Arts classes, Martial arts lessons and film series.....all FREE

For events happening at Libraries all over the Los Angeles visit


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North Hollywood Streetlight Construction

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North Hollywood Streetlight Construction Begins Where Fatal Accident Occurred

North Hollywood Councilmember Paul Krekorian and LAUSD Board Member Tamar Galatzan announced today that construction on a streetlight at Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Archwood Street started Tuesday morning – a North Hollywood intersection where 12-year-old Emely Aleman was hit and killed in November 2010. The project was to have begun in 2012, but Krekorian and Galatzan jointly pushed to ensure the project would be done before the 2011-12 school year started.

“Last fall, tragedy struck our community when Emely Aleman was fatally hit by a distracted driver as she crossed the street in a crosswalk,” said Councilmember Paul Krekorian, who represents the area. “That tragic accident occurred on a busy stretch on Laurel Canyon Boulevard that had long been in need of more safety measures. After the accident, I stood with Emely's friends and family and promised that my office would work with LAUSD Board Member Tamar Galatzan to expedite installation of a streetlight at the intersection.

“Today, I am pleased to announce that crews have broken ground and will have the project completed well ahead of schedule. This is a bittersweet moment as we remember a life taken from us knowing that this street light will be a testament to the enduring memory of Emely and will help slow down traffic and keep our community safer.”


North Hollywood Streetlight Construction


“The stoplight is an important component in enabling kids to travel to school safely around busy streets in the area," said LAUSD Board Member Tamar Galatzan.  "I applaud both the City and School District for working together on this desperately-needed project."

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Most women are aware of the benefits of exercise, and many have discovered that one of the best forms of exercise comes from, yes, pole dancing.  What was once the exclusive property of strip clubs and cheap bars has now become a respectable and highly athletic sport right here in North Hollywood.  And this sport is growing rapidly as evidenced by the increasing number of international and national pole dancing federations that are pushing to become legitimized by the International Olympic Committee.

That's right! The Olympics!  By shifting the emphasis from sexy to athletic, pole dancing begins to take on the character of summer Olympic events such as floor exercise, parallel bars and other gymnastic sports. Clearly, pole dancing deserves to be as respected as any gymnastic event.  It displays balance, strength, form and grace, and showcases the human body in a fascinating way.  There is no doubt that the inclusion of pole dancing in the Olympics would sell event tickets and boost TV ratings.

As this sport explodes, X-POLESITIONS in North Hollywood could become the dominant pole dancing training center for Southern California, if not the entire west coast.

X-polesitions is conveniently located near the sexy part of the NOHO ARTS DISTRICT on Weddington St. near the corner of Lankershim Blvd.   At first you might not see it as it is tucked away in a large building that looks like apartments. But as your eye follows the curve of the building, you'll find yourself on the sidewalk at the front door. Once inside, you'll notice just how private and tucked away you are from the outside world, and you really are.  The front office is very inviting with a warm touch, with deep earthy tones providing a secure, and very professional environment.

To the right of the front desk if you turn around slightly you'll see the door to the dance studio.  From floor to ceiling, you'll notice six shiny 16-foot chrome dance poles securely anchored to the floor and ceiling with just the right amount of give.   There are mirrors everywhere, an important element to provide a way to see the work from all angles.  The ladies gladly assist each other in the proper stretching exercises so that nothing gets sprained during the classes. There is a long slender bench with many comfortable pillows aligning it for those who need to take a break or sit down to buckle their shoes.  In the far corner of the room is a black shelf that holds the boom-box  sound system. I was surprised how much sound came out and just filled that room, and my-oh-my it sounded great in there!


pole dancing


Ana, an advanced student from Europe, already well-schooled in Yoga and pole dancing, said that she has checked out all of the approximately 70 studios in Southern California and found X-POLESITIONS in North Hollywood to be the most professional and complete.  "So many studios have flimsy poles that are too skinny to grip, ceilings that are too low, dirty floors, cheesy sound systems, and instructors that I should be teaching, rather than the other way around.  I'm already an advanced dancer, so I need instructors that can challenge me to work harder and improve my skills.  X-POLESITIONS has the highest caliber instructors that I could find."  The classes always include proper warm-up and stretching routines, important for safety.  Padded "crash mats" are used during the learning process to make falls comfortable, not painful.

What I found to be really cool about this business is that they have a good selection of pole-dancing clothes and accessories, hot sexy shoes to pull that whole outfit together, and the best part is that you don't have to leave the building to go shopping!  It's a one-stop-one-shop place! And the shoes! Wow, where to begin? Not only are they flashy and shiny, but they are at least 5-inch high heels with platforms to match, with rhinestones and sparkly baubles all over them! They come in red, silver, black and white patent-leather, and they are designed to help you grip the pole better, after you've learned how to dance correctly.  These shoes were designed strictly for the fine art of pole dancing.

The classes are generally an hour long, starting at $15 for an introductory class and $25 for "Drop In" classes. For more information, visit ""  or visit the studio at 11135 Weddington St.,  #113, North Hollywood, CA 91601... (818) 985-4474.

X-POLESITIONS is a great way to get in shape, and have fun doing it!  Another great feature of the NOHO Arts District!


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Tallying the results of the recent Tony Awards, one number pops out: zero. There were no women playwrights receiving a 2011 Tony Award. In fact, no women were nominated for playwriting. Because, according to NY's Guerrilla Girls on Tour, no plays by women were produced on Broadway during the 2010/2011 season. We see this in North Hollywood and Los Angeles theatre as well.

The absence of women playwrights represented at the Tonys is a sharp reminder of our situation here in Los Angeles, and in North Hollywood, L.A's theatre district.  The results of a study by the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative (LA FPI) working with LA STAGE Alliance revealed that only one in five plays seen on LA-area stages was written, or co-written, by a woman. This disparity was reflected in our own theater "awards season" this past spring.  None of the 2011 Ovation Award nominees for Original Playwriting were women, and no women were nominated for writing by the Los Angeles Drama Critics' Circle or the LA Weekly. From Terence McFarland, LA STAGE Alliance Executive Director, who spoke at the Ovation ceremony: “It is impossible not to notice injustice where it glares out at us.”

The figure of 20% arrived at through the LA FPI Study is roughly in keeping with similar studies on gender parity - including the 2009 Sands Study and earlier research through the NY Council of the Arts - which put the national percentage of works by women on and off-Broadway and in regional theaters at approximately 17%. Because this number did not include the vibrant, but historically marginalized, Los Angeles theater scene, the LA FPI commissioned of a survey of LA-area theaters and LA-based playwrights, led by study director Ella Martin.

A sampling of theaters who self-reported in the survey revealed that less than 20% of the plays produced or presented in workshops or readings for a ten year period (2000-2009) were written by women.  Data from LA STAGE Alliance reflects statistics from the nine years the organization has been registering productions for Ovation Award consideration (2002-2010). Of the 4796 productions in LA STAGE Alliance's database only 993, or about 20%, were written or co-written by women playwrights.

With these numbers as a starting point, LA FPI and allied partners are drawing Los Angeles into the national conversation about gender parity on American stages.  The issue was the subject of a keynote speech and panel at the recent National Conversation led by The Dramatists Guild of America June 9-12, will be addressed at the upcoming Theatre Communications Guild National Conference in Los Angeles on June 16-18 and also in a panel discussion as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival on June 23.

A new awareness of the gender parity movement sheds an interesting light on what's happening in Los Angeles during our current "festival season."  LA FPI's research shows that of scripted shows featured in the 2011 Hollywood Fringe Festival (June 16-26), 39% were written by women; women wrote 50% of the plays in the 2011 Young Playwrights Festival (June 2-26); six out of nine scripted productions in the 3rd Annual National Asian American Theater Festival (June 16-26) are by women; and two of 12 text-based works in RADAR L.A. (June 14-19) are primarily female-authored.

"No matter who you are, it's difficult to get your plays produced," says study director Martin. In addition to statistics, the LA FPI Study's inclusion of subjective data also provides glimpses into the LA theater community and artists.  "But whatever the reasons behind the numbers," she adds, "It is clear that in LA women playwrights are almost as numerically present as male playwrights, but that their work is far less frequently seen on local stages."

As a grass-roots initiative which serves as a nexus of community support, LA FPI hopes that the Study and other recent efforts help to instigate positive action towards fair representation of  women playwrights in Los Angeles, and North Hollywood we hope.  If Broadway is a relevant indicator, producing more plays by women could be a beneficial for local theatermakers in many areas, including the box office. The latest Broadway League Study found that in 2009-2010, 63% of the audiences were female and 69% of ticket-buyers were women.  And historically, Broadway plays written by women earn more than those written by men - during the 10-year the period covered by the Sands study, they were 18% more profitable.

"Numbers are powerful. I think it is important that the numbers get out there so that people start asking questions and become more aware of the fact that things aren't functioning perfectly as they are," says Martin.

To quote playwright and activist Marsha Norman, “A theater that is missing the work of women is missing half the story, half the canon, half the life of our time. That is the situation we have now.”

For more information on the Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative and the LA FPI Study, email or visit The site is set up as a hub for theater artists as well as theatergoers, with Resources and Involvement Opportunities, and details about using the LA FPI Logo – an easy way to spread the word which acts as a signal of change.

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After 15 years in Chicago, Stages Musical Theatre Festival has moved to Los Angeles. This prestigious festival of new musicals will be produced the weekend of July 15-17 by the Academy for New Musical Theatre at the Lonny Chapman Theatre (10900 Burbank Blvd in North Hollywood) and the Academy, 5628 Vineland in North Hollywood, featuring eight new musicals, in concert.

An annual Chicago tradition, Stages had been presented at Theatre Building Chicago, helmed by Artistic Director John Sparks. But last year, Theatre Building Chicago closed its doors and sold its building. So the Academy for New Musical Theatre stepped in to keep Stages' tradition alive.                                     stages


Sparks has been Artistic Director at the Academy since 1981, so the fit between the organizations is a natural one. "I've actually been thinking for years to launch a festival in Los Angeles, and this seemed like the right way to do it. Stages' mission of presenting full readings of new musicals in concert is a perfect fit for ANMT's vision."

"It's very exciting," says the Academy's Executive Director Scott Guy, "bringing together dozens of writers and over fifty actors to present eight brand-new shows. This is one of the most ambitious things we've ever produced at ANMT. We produced a four-show Festival with Theatre League back in 2006, and we've been producing a three-show concert reading series at the Colony Theatre -- but this is eight shows, any given two of which are happening simultaneously!"

The schedule is designed so that a Festival Pass holder can see four shows on one day at the Lonny Chapman Theatre, and the other four shows at the Academy on the other. Or, if you have only one day, you can pick and choose among all eight shows, shuttling between the theatre and the Academy, which are five doors away from each other.


Here is the schedule for the weekend:

AT THE LONNY CHAPMAN THEATRE - 10900 Burbank Blvd. in North Hollywood

Friday, July 15


Saturday, July 16





Sunday, July 17





AT THE ACADEMY FOR NEW MUSICAL THEATRE - 5628 Vineland, North Hollywood

Friday, July 15

11:00pm CABARET!

Saturday, July 16

10:30am MARY MARIE


4:30pm GHOST(S)

8:30pm THE RING

11:00pm CABARET!

Sunday, July 17

11:00 am Meet the Writers

1:30pm GHOST(S)



10:00pm WRAP PARTY!


Festival Passes cost $75 and will admit you to every event in the Festival except a Friday night gala. As was the tradition in Chicago, tickets to individual events will be available at the box office 15 minutes before curtain; individual tickets cannot be reserved in advance. Festival pass holders will be given priority seating, and any remaining tickets will be available for purchase by individuals.

"There are only 90 seats at the Group Rep Theatre," explains Guy, "and so it's possible there won't be seats for individual ticket buyers. To counterbalance that, we're scheduling events at the Academy a half-hour later than the ones at the theatre, so there still will be a musical to see for everyone."

Co-Artistic Director Elise Dewsberry explains the distinction between events at the Academy and those at the theatre: "Events at the Academy showcase first drafts, whereas the ones at the theatre have all had several more stages of development...hence the word 'Stages.' We've added a late-night cabaret as well, which might include some even NEWER works, as well as some much much older works. New musical theatre, at every stage of development."

Stages in Chicago solicited submissions from writers all around the country, involving readers and artistic directors to help recommend finalists. Because of the sudden closing of Theatre Building Chicago, there was not time for this year's Stages to set up a complete submission process, so the works to be featured in this year's festival have all been developed at ANMT. "We hope to set up the submission process in time for next year's Stages," says Dewsberry, "because there are so many wonderful writers and shows out there, we would love to be able to share them with Los Angeles."

The more developed shows in this year's 16th Annual Stages Musical Theatre Festival are: Windjammers, the moving tale of a sailor on the Great Lakes in the 19th century, written by Robin Share and Clay Zambo; In the Mind of Olympians, a powerful revue about the 1948 and 2012 London Olympics, written by a dozen writers in London and Los Angeles; Powder Puff Pilots, telling the story of female pilots in the 1920's, written by Marian Partee, Cindy O'Connor and Noelle Donfeld; and Now and Then a Hero, ten stories of real life common heroes, written by Larry Johnson and Jake Anthony.

The shows at the first draft stage at the Academy are: Ghost(s), a goofy story of a local theatre company who thought they were producing a musical based on the hit movie Ghost, but discover to their horror it's a terrible musical adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's play about syphilis and euthanasia, written by Kincaid Jones, Brian Woodbury and Noelle Donfeld; Mary Marie, a sweet family musical based on the classic 19th-century novel about a young girl struggling with her parents' divorce, written by Chana Wise and Carl Johnson; The Ring, a nasty dark comedy about revenge at a high school reunion, written by Eric Dodson and Alan Fleishman; and The Angel of Painted Post, a powerful fable about an unlikely vision in an even more unlikely town, written Adrian Bewley, Richard Castle and Matthew Levine.


The festival begins on Friday evening July 15th, and continues morning, afternoon and evening through July 17th.

Festival passes may be purchased in advance for $75 ($100 includes the Friday night opening) through the Academy's website at

Academy for New Musical Theatre, 5628 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood, CA, 91601


Once in a while you have to step out in style and you don’t have to leave NoHo to do it. The Federal Bar hosts an enchanting evening of glitz and glamour staring The De’Lish Dames Burlesque! This is an event where dressing for the occasion is encouraged and embraced. This venue, with its old school vibe, creates a fantastic setting while the De’Lish Dames entertain along side a delightful 12-piece big band, The Urban Renewal Project ( This event also featured guest singer, Jessie Payo, who performed a titillating rendition of “Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You.”


In true SSG fashion, I had to get in on the action! I was able to meet with the dames themselves: Miss Layla, Mia Bella, Delilah Lyn, Bonnie BlueBelle, and Ava “Boom Boom” Capone. After inviting myself to join their troupe, I hung out with them at their rehearsal space, West Adams Studios (, where head dame, Ava “Boom Boom” Capone (Michelle Pagano) taught me a number before the girls helped me complete the transformation into my Sassy burlesque alter-ego, Felina Fatale. Now, I’m ready to take to the stage because this girl has some hot new moves!


The De’Lish Dames will be performing in NoHo again at The Federal Bar on June 22nd. This time, it is a Masquerade Ball, so you can expect a night of sexy mystery. Don’t forget your mask!


For more information on The De’Lish Dames you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.

Twitter -@DeLishDames


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Email me at

Follow me on twitter - @MarielouMandl

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Produced by RuMan Productions and

Hosted by Marielou Mandl

Shot and Edited by John Ruff

Animation by Matt Benzinger

Original Music by Kevin MacLeod

SSG w/De’Lish Dames segment featured the songs:

My Drag – Squirrel Nut Zippers and The Stripper – David Rose Orchestra

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I hope you'll pass this opportunity along to your tenants, friends, neighbors,local businesses and include on any websites. Many of them use this to walk their animals, children as well as walking to the stores over at Ralphs. It would be nice to see neighbors pitching in to beautify the walkway. Hope to see you there as well! Seeing the owners of the surrounding properties take pride in these cleanups is essential in taking back our streets. Our local Lead Officer's of the LAPD will be there along with Alice Roth of Tom LaBonge's office.

I finally managed to spear head the clean-up with the help of Tom LaBonge's office and LAPD as well as a number of other groups including the neighbors on Hartsook, Otsego Street, Hesby, Morrison and Huston Streets. At this point we've calculated 75 lunches for the volunteers.  If you receive positive responses from your sources please forward me new projections if at all possible by Friday afternoon, June 17th so I can order additional food for Saturday's delivery.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have at 818-636-4694

This is going to be an incredible day filled with pride and energy!

Many thanks,

Beautification Team!



Councilmember LaBonge was not able to join us on Sat, but without his help, we wouldn't have had the help of the City of Los Angeles Public Works Bureau of Sanitation, Clean & Green - LA Conservation Corps and New Directions For Youth (graffiti removal).

The project, in my judgment was a perfect blend of government and corporate sponsorship, involvement of the church, youth groups and even a great band.  Jerry Fecht, Museum of San Fernando Valley





Thursday, 07 July 2011 14:00

Magic Mirror Theater - Meet Joanne Mosconi

Written by

What made you decide to open up a children's theatre company in NoHo?

J:  NoHo is an artistic community so what better place to open up a children's theater!  The energy is vibrant and creative.  The community promotes the arts and has people who believe in the importance of art in our culture.  I believe it is important for children to do theater in an inspiring environment where they have many opportunities to see others do art as well.

NoHo exposes children to an eclectic array of people interested in pursuing music, dance, theater and art.  I want the children I teach to not only experience theater, but to be a part of it.  The NoHo Arts District allows them to do both.


With this bad economy, what made you brave enough to open a new business?

J:  Opening up a new business was a challenging decision to make at this time with the economy being so bad.  Theater is in my heart and teaching kids is what I love to do.  I don't see myself doing anything else besides theater.  Children need a place to express themselves and I wanted to create it for them.  The schools have cut so many of the art programs out of the curriculum and children are starving for a creative outlet.  The Magic Mirror Theater gives them their own creative playground.  I knew my business was one that was going to wed profit with purpose.  What we do at The Magic Mirror Theater is important as it adds to the community.  This is how I found the courage to open it- we need theater in our lives!


Tell me a little about your history in children's theatre.

J:  After completing a masters in Educational Theater from N.Y.U in 2001, I started a drama program in a Junior High School in New York City.  The program combined dance and drama and instantly became one of the most popular elective courses for students to take.  We would produce two productions per year and they were always well received.  I then moved out to Los Angeles in 2007 and started  a children's theater in Hollywood called Pinocchio's Playhouse.  I was the Artistic Director and had produced 14 successful  shows within its first year of operation.  I left the company due to working on a film in Oklahoma, and when I returned I took a drama teacher position at the prestigious Brentwood School and taught 7th and 8th graders.  I really enjoyed my time at Brentwood, but missed running my own program.  In September of 2010, I began renting a theater in North Hollywood for The Magic Mirror Theater, and began continuing to produce theater for children in which they could participate in a show and receive training at the same time.


What makes Magic Mirror Theater unique?

J:  What makes The Magic Mirror Theater unique is that we produce a variety of shows in which actors are required to audition to be part of.  Once we cast the show, rehearsals start and instruction takes place within the framework of the rehearsal.  Our motto is "we learn by doing" which is why our students grow so much with each and every show.  After completing a 6- to 8-week rehearsal process, students perform the production in our professional theater setting to a live audience and industry related guests.  We also provide an Improv Class that runs every Sunday.  This summer, we are launching our Summer Camp which has some really fun opportunities for kids of all ages to partake in.  Our theater also provides private coaching and headshot services.


What do you enjoy most about running a childrens' theatre company?

J:  I love creating art with kids and watching how much they grow from the first rehearsal to the last performance.  The amount of accomplishment they feel from working on a production gives me so much joy.


When should a parent consider acting classes for their child?

J:  There are many reasons a parent should consider acting classes for their child.  Acting classes are fun!  They provide a sense of community for the children.  Acting classes help kids gain confidence, self esteem, pride and a sense of accomplishment.  Students will learn self discipline, responsibility, the value of team work, concentration and public speaking skills.  Acting classes help students with creating goals and making choices.  These are all valuable tools for kids to use throughout their life.  If kids are interested in pursuing acting professionally, acting classes are essential -as you cannot fake preparation.  Good training is necessary.


What if the child has no talent, would you still recommend acting classes?

J:  Absolutely.  Acting classes are not just for talented kids, and I actually believe we are all talented.  Acting classes can assist us in accessing our talents.


What is coming up next at Magic Mirror Theatre?

J:  We are currently casting our next production- LITTLE WOMEN which will run in October.  We are also currently registering students for M-PROV at Magic Mirror (improvisation classes) and our SUMMER CAMP.  We have several showcases for kids to participate in throughout the summer as well.



4930 Lankershim Boulevard

Noho Arts District, California 91601

(917) 326 1455



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Murals Becoming Legal Again in North Hollywood?

Written by

On December 17, 2008, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously passed a law outlawing outdoor advertising which included murals.  Muralists and other artists around the City, including North Hollywood, hoped then that a separate law distinguishing art from commercial signage would emerge from that action but it didn't happen up until now.

On June 1, 2011, Los Angeles City Councilmember introduced a motion that would create an ordinance that would separate murals from signs/advertising.  This would allow artists once again in the City of Los Angeles to create murals. However, if we want to see more murals in North Hollywood's NoHo Arts District, we have to support Councilmember Rosendahl's motion by contacting our local council offices.                                                                                                                   Murals becoming legal again in north hollywood


The two councilmembers for North Hollywood are:


Paul Krekorian

6350 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Ste 201

North Hollywood, CA 91606

Phone: (818) 755-7676

Fax: (818) 755-7862


Tom LaBonge

10116 Riverside Drive

Room 200

Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Phone: (818) 755-7630

Fax: (818) 755-7637


If you live outside of the North Hollywood, here is a list of local councilmembers in your area:


Councilmember Rosendahl has always been an advocate for the arts.  He has stated on many occasions that art must be separated from commercial advertising.  He told the Argonaut Newspaper that murals are artistic expression that are often intertwined with culture and history, and they deserve to be viewed separately from commercial signage.

We interviewed Kenzie Alexander, co-owner of Cella Gallery and founding member of Urban Art Protection Association on this new legislation and how it will affect mural projects in North Hollywood and the NoHo Arts District in particular.

This is fantastic news.  It has been a real problem for a long time.  Los Angeles used to be the most famous city in the world for its murals.  We have some of the greatest mural artists in LA and there is no legal way for public art to be created.  Mural and street art have been a huge draw for cultural tourism in many, many cities from around the world.  You have cities like Melbourne, Australia that offer tour packages on street art and people travel from all over the world to see the art that has been created.


There is a difference between art and advertising-the intent of creating art and creating advertising is very different.  Personally, I believe it is unconstitutional to not allow people freedom of expression on their property.  We are not talking about advertising, we are talking about art.

Two months ago, carried the story of Barbara Black's gallant struggle to save a mural that four students at North Hollywood High painted on her backyard fence.  Barbara was told she had to whitewash the graffiti style art because one neighbor complained about the mural.  The City of Los Angeles Department of Building & Safety stated they are aware that there are hundreds of "illegal" murals in the San Fernando Valley alone, including North Hollywood, but they will only enforce the ordinance if someone complains.  She asked Building & Safety if she could place a tarp over the wall so that she didn't have destroy the artwork.  Building and Safety's response was NO because it was "perceived to be a mural."  Barbara Black fought a long and hard battle to keep the mural up but she and the students had to destroy the mural (whitewash it) because she couldn't afford to pay the mounting fines.

Thousands of artists and arts lovers rallied in support of Barbara's fight. We thank you for standing up with letters, calls and emails to your local council member. You played a critical role in getting the Los Angeles City Council to relook at the ban of Los Angeles murals.

It is now time for you again to contact your local council member to urge him/her to vote in favor of Councilmember's Bill Rosendahl's motion that would create an ordinance that would separate murals from signs/advertising.  This would allow artists once again in the City of Los Angeles to create murals.


Help support murals to be created once again in the NoHo Arts District! Murals Becoming Legal Again in North Hollywood?

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Great Wall of Los Angeles Bubble Bath

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Be Part of North Hollywood History! Volunteers needed to clean the Longest Mural in the World; the Great Wall of Los Angeles!

Join SPARC in our effort to preserve the largest monument to inter-racial harmony in America, in North Hollywood.


Volunteer to be a part of the "Great Wall of Los Angeles Bubble Bath" cleaning to commemorate the next phase of mural restoration.

WHEN (Date and Time): the scrub-down will begin Saturday, June 11th from 10am to 4pm

WHERE: at the Great Wall mural site located off Coldwater Canyon between Burbank Blvd. and Oxnard St. in Valley Glen, CA. (about one mile north of the 101 Ventura Fwy)

WHAT TO BRING/WEAR: work clothing - pants and close-toed shoes required, sunscreen, water bottle, work gloves, if you have them, and hats. Bring a brown-bag lunch or money for a food truck.

IF YOU CAN VOLUNTEER: Email: or call 310-822-9560, ext 10 and leave your name, phone and email.


great wall of los angeles bubble bath


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North Hollywood BID

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The North Hollywood Business Improvement District (NoHo BID) -  What does it do?

Our staff at decided to do a small survey on how many local North Hollywood residents knew about the NoHo BID and what great services they provide our community.  During our survey, we found several people were not unaware of these services.

The NoHo BID is a not for profit organization established by property owners to create an exciting, dynamic and unique residential and commercial area. The NoHo BID was first created in 2007 with a three-year term and was renewed in 2009 with a five-year term that ends December 31st 2014.


The NoHo BID provides the following services:   Private security guards and cleaning crew as the major portion of their budget. They also provide select marketings ervices for the NoHo Arts District. However, the NoHo BID's first priority is the clean and safe program. They provide neighborhood ambassadors to be the eyes and ears of the district, keep in close communication with the police department and communicate with businesses on their needs in the area. The NoHo BID also provides a clean team to do daily clean up of the district through grafitti removal, sidewalk sweeping, sidewalk pressure washing, trash pick up and large item removal. The NoHo BID has begun to also help market the area through projects such as neighborhood branding, street banners and the NoHo Card in collaboration with


What the NoHo BID does for our North Hollywood Community:

2010 Accomplishments

Safety Ambassador

- 8,687 Merchant Contacts

- 9,749 Patrol Checks

- 386 Transient Contacts

- 136 Illegal Vendor Contacts

- 833 Vehicle Cards Distributed

- 251 Calls for Service

- 1,622 Citizen Assists


Clean Team 2010 Accomplishments:

- 50 Trash Receptacles Serviced

- 237,360 Pounds of Trash Removed

- 4,395 Graffiti Tags Removed

- 3,364 Stickers/Handbills

- 261 Bulky Items

- 929 Shopping Carts Recovered

- 197 Business Contacts

- 350 Pedestrian Assists


Marketing Accomplishments:

- New Branding for district

- 87 Banners Installed on Magnolia & Lankerhim


Satellite Gallery projects:

-11135 Weddington Ave

-5229 Lankershim Blvd

-5126 Lankershim Blvd

-5026 Lankershim Blvd


Streetscape Improvements:

-landscaped median

-artist designed benches

-artist designed trashcans


For questions please contact

NoHo BID Board of Directors

Bob Akhavan, Chair

Property Owner

Scott McCarter, Vice Chair

Redwood Partners Inc.

Linda Fulton, Secretary

Avery Schreiber Theater

Thomas Dujovne & Dawn Pardina, Treasurer

J.H. Snyder

Kevin Bailey

The NoHo Arts Center

Darrel Malmut

JSM Capital, LLC

Al Siegel

Al's Discount Furniture & Mattress Center

Ed Levy

The Federal

Ex Officio Member (non-voting)

Regina Kirschenbaum,

CRA Representative

Alice Roth

Councilmember Tom LaBonge

Guy Weddington MCreary

Chamber of Commerce Representative

McKenzie Alexander & Shannon Currie-Holmes

Cella Gallery

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"Black Cadillac"

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"Black Cadillac" is a modern take on the classic western; a tale of morality, deception, and justice starring Josh Beren, Gordon Capps, Patrick Hume, and Richard Parks.  "Black Cadillac" comes from the mind of North Hollywood photographer, Michael Roud who wrote, directed and produced this film.  Michael also owns the Michael Roud photography studio at 11223 Magnolia, Blvd in NoHo.

With "Black Cadillac," Roud makes the successful transition from photography to cinema for the first time, enjoying the greater potential for storytelling. Michael tells us "The main character is this down-on-his-luck guy, he's lost his family, he's losing his business, he's losing himself.  But he runs into this situation and this mysterious man, and he thinks he can solve all of his problems in a second.  It's very relatable, but there's another element of enacting justice that I've tried to parallel with an epic western tone.  In the end, I think it comes down to a question of limits, and how far would you go for redemption?"


The staff at wanted to get better acquainted with this multi-talented local photographer, writer, director and producer...

What made you locate your business to NoHo?

M:  I like the people, I like that its a burgeoning art district.  I like the sense of community and there's a lot of creative energy out here.  The real estate is still affordable, but more than that, it's so artistic, it really gets under your skin and motivates you.

What services do you provide at your NoHo shop?

M:  I'm a photographer first and foremost.  I do headshots, commercial and fashion photography, and I've started doing more directing recently.  Some commercials, here and when I ran my own production company in Hawaii, also music videos, I directed this short film Black Cadillac that I also wrote, and now I'm looking for that next great script.

What makes you unique as a filmmaker?

M:  As a filmmaker and director, it's very helpful being a photographer during the week as far as relating to actors, director actors, being able to make that connection.  Beyond that, I think photographers have a certain eye, especially in fashion photography, and it's exciting being able to bring that kind of flare into storytelling as well.

What made you decide to create a film?

M:  Well I wrote the film as well, and I've always been fascinated by storytelling.  As a photographer, you have to tell a story often in one frame, so to be able to do it in 24-a-second, it's liberating and galvanizing.  And then to be able to bring in my own experiences and to see a project through from experience to conception to script to film, it's a rush.

What advice would you give to emerging film makers?

M:  Go for it.  Make it happen.  In Hollywood, it seems that there are a lot of people talking, but not necessarily doing.  Getting over that first benchmark, getting past the blank page, that's huge.  It's definitely a hurdle, it's definitely hard.  But that's what makes it great.

Any final comments?

M:  I really think that if filmmaking is your dream, you really have to go for it.  It has to be the most paramount thing in your life, because it takes a lot of sacrifice.  It's not a sexy process.  It seems like it would be, but it's a grind, and it's kind of a hit to your ego.  But it's really about standing true to your beliefs and your vision and really going for it.  It's worth it.






After a year of production in and around Los Angeles, Roud's team has begun the festival circuit, including a possible world premiere at the LA Shorts Fest in late July.  For more information on the film, visit



Michael Roud Productions, 808.344.5336

Kelsey Dyer, line producer, 717.507.1059


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Our NoHo Celebrities

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I don’t know about you, but as much as I love to see finished works of art, I enjoy experiencing the creative process more. Visiting an artist’s studio or watching the intensity of a dance rehearsal is especially exciting to me.

Recently in an Arts-Humanities meeting in North Hollywood, a member of the Neighborhood Council spoke of the live theatres in the NoHo as a place where those perfecting their acting craft “cut their teeth.”  An evening in any of the Arts District theaters certainly proves her right.

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley has a calendar, constantly being added to, that shows 2 to 5 Valley-related entertainment or sports notables for every day of the year. We expect this impressive list to grow much more from our present research. Just where the Lankershim and Ventura Boulevard corridors are studied, the area’s residents read like a Who’s Who of American celebrities.  Anyone who has lived in the Valley very long has seen the long lines of tourists waiting to see film or television stars in the tv talk shows.  It would be dishonest if I didn’t admit that I too think it’s great fun to see Jay Leno cruising Moorpark Street in one of his classic cars. However, there is something more interesting to me in watching a young couple going over a movie script at the Firepit Cafe, or listening to a poem being read for the public for the first time in the Amelia Earhart Library. ... By the way, who was that young woman selling popcorn at El Portal’s candy counter?

The San Fernando Valley is all about “becoming” and the arts. And, while I truly enjoy seeing a play at the Music Center or taking in an exhibit at MOCA in Little Tokyo, the Valley (especially the NoHo) is where much of the city’s creative action takes place. There is something truly special about seeing a comedy performed for the first time, or seeing an emerging, hot artist getting that all-important first show at the Cella Gallery.

Often those working at the cutting edge of the arts don’t have the convenience of popular terminologies. The computer industry has invented a zillion new words to tell the world what it’s up to. More than one parent has been frantic trying to figure out where that artist-kid is headed toward. The reality is that often the artist doesn’t know him/herself. Wise students major in themselves.

The NoHo is not a safe, planned community, where some fairy tale encounter with a godmother will drop a magic star on one’s head. It is a place where the artist discovers him/herself first through endless hours of hard work and dedication. It is an insecure place, filled with exceptionally talented competitors.  Insecurity is the mother of art.

The words of Helen Keller, who faced the obstacles of being both deaf and blind, told this great truth:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.”

PS - That popcorn girl at El Portal was Cher.

A few other celebrities that have lived in North Hollywood:  Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, Tom Selleck Debbie Reynolds, Bob Hope, Miley Cyrus, Audie Murphy


Jerry Fecht is the president of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. He can be reached at:

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Digital Eclectic

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Digital Eclectic is a trip into the new world of interactive media presented by the Art Institute of California – Hollywood on exhibit now through June 18

The Web Design & Interactive Media Department - WDIM at The Art Institute of California — Hollywood present: A special exhibition of Digital, Web and Interactive Art, Literature and Design: Digital Eclectic

Physicist and science author David Peat claimed in From Certainty to Uncertainty that there is no art of our times, predicting that it may be a half century before a new art emerges. The work of digital artists, multimedia artists, interactive artists tell a different tale. They are forging new art forms with scientific roots based on having grown up in the post quantum physics world where chaos, order, technology and science have been absorbed into our social and personal fabric, opening a myriad of new possibilities for art. The lines between art and science are blurring. Yet “meaning” is still a primary purpose for making art – and there is as much meaning for artists to work with today as in any time past.

Terry Bailey, the exhibit’s curator, whom Pasadena Weekly referred to as a Renaissance Woman, states that ALL new media artists are Renaissance artists making use of all the forms of art to make their artistic statements, converging art forms (just as scientists are currently converging the fractured disciplines of science) and melding art and technology. Digital art is truly a new visual language. Many of the first generation digital artists were programmers and scientists, new to art, who explored the idea of art itself once they got their hands on a “calculating machine” capable of creating art. Today’s digital artists – artists trained in traditional mediums of painting, photography, film, theater, music, literature, electronics and technology, and those who jumped in post digital - are exploring a myriad of avenues having converted and converged art forms to the digital realm.

Digital Eclectic brings together a group of work by a diverse set of new media artists: Interactive and fine artist Joseph Norton creates virtual 3D based animations, screen and printed art and sculpture; 3D animator Ari Danesh, a faculty member at Ai, explores procedural art to create 3D scenes, animations and games; Indie web site designer Jeremy Schuler, and alumni of Ai, experiments with photo collage and transfers that art experience to his work, including the web site of Shepard Fairy; a group of Ai web and interactive students under the guidance of interactive music composer, Mike Winter, explore the ideas of interactive entertainment creating an interactive sound and light installation, then codify their experience in a design coherent web site exploration of their process; new media artist and author Terry Bailey’s exhibited work includes a 60” by 48” pattern and texture based art print, Digital Olympia, a virtual oil painting print, Two Missing for Tea, and her most recent endeavor - an interactive multimedia book about early American woman com- poser, Amy Beach (an e-book on steroids, as she refers to it); Added-Value, a Los Angeles branding and marketing firm, and advisors to the WDIM department, display the synthesis of new media art, psychology, branding and the burgeoning field of interactive user experience with a display of their marketing persona game, CharacterLab, based on psychologist Carl Jung’s personality archetypes.

The installation was designed by Gary LaVasser, Director of Set and Exhibit and Industrial Design at Ai-Hollywood. His use of new media terms and phrases dotting the walls, high- light the breadth of this new art: interactive, WEB and new media world: smart products, web design, interactive entertainment, digital branding, web design, new media literature, digital art . . . .


More information - Media Kit



Terry Bailey - Vince Baarson - Ari Danesh - Joseph Norton - Jeremy Schuler - Tanya Serrano - Iddie Tang - Misty Traslavina - Justin Walker - Mike Winter

Exhibit Dates: May 9 to June 18. Monday - Friday from 10:00 am –6:00 pm

Contact: Terry Bailey for information at 818-679-4743, or

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