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NoHo Artwalk is Expanding!

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Hot. Soul. Yoga.

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NoHo Park Spring Carnival 2018

Friday, 02 March 2018 12:34

Zombie's Going to Edinburgh

Bloody Hell! Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Take Urban Death to the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 15:22

Urban Death Means Halloween 2017 is Here!

Holy Smokes! Urban Death: Tour Of Terror Haunts Zombie Joe's Underground Theater Group in North Hollywood for its Fifth Year of Nightmares October 6-31, 2017.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017 17:50

There’s a 24-Hour (film) Bug Going Around

 Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre proudly presents the Twenty-Four Hour Bug film festival.

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What can you do in 50 hours? Well Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre does a theatre festival.

Halloween, All-Hallows-Eve, Allhalloween, All-Saints-Eve, whatever your preference, is just around the corner, and so horror is thick in the air as people begin to discuss what to dress as.

Only Zombie Joe's Underground can mesh art and horror into a frightening and mesmerizing experience. Since I saw their Halloween Urban Death Haunted Theatre Attraction show last year, I knew this year's would be even bigger and better if that was possible. It was!

Thursday, 03 April 2014 03:27


TheHypochondriacZJU CASTphoto

Spring is in the air. So are dust particles and pollen, and people who don’t cover their nose when they sneeze. Rest assured that the one place you will be safe for an hour on Sundays is at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre. Face masks are not optional in this sterile black box.

Thursday, 23 January 2014 04:18

Theatre Review - Nightmares @ ZJU

“A Theatrical Rush! ‘Nightmares’ Is A Dream Made Real”


Producer and director Zombie Joe presents an experience you’ll really never forget. “Nightmares” is an ethereal and symbolic look at what journeys some dreams may take you on while you sleep. In the heart of North Hollywood, “Nightmares” is a theatrical experience with a rhythmic backbeat and has some of the most stylized and original dance sequences you’ll ever see. Perfectly stylized and choreographed by Donna Ibale, who is a veteran Zombie Joe Underground performer and talent, you’ll remember this for a long time once you’ve seen it.

This wonderful piece opens (and closes) with an amazing chant by all its performers that, for a more than a fleeting second, reminded me of the haunting and chilling chant that is seen in Stanley Kubricks’ “2001:A Space Odyssey” – the one that builds up slowly and creepy and so loudly, just after the apes touch the monolith for the first time in the beginning of the film. They do this in complete blackness and it really sets the mood for the whole production because it builds louder and louder to a dead ending. Wow, what fun!

This is a community of performers, a true ensemble piece with the following colorful and talented performers: Mathew Adams, Jason Britt, Ellen Burr, Gloria Galvan, Brett Gustafason, Samm Hill, Abel Horwitz, Donna Ibale, Leif La Duke, John Lweandowski, Rebecca Santini, Jessica Weiner, Roger K. Weiss, Kevin Van Cott, Cameron West and Corey Zicari.

The rhythmic and intensifying backbeat music is provided by the many talents of Kevin Van Cott and there is even a memorizing flutist solo that is haunting and enriching to the mood and feeling of the entire piece performed by Ellen Burr. Overall this is a moving and ethereal piece of theatre that is fresh and exciting to watch!

“Nightmares”is funny, it’s chilling, it’s scary and often comes very close to some of the fears that we have all had at one time or another while experiencing real nightmares. It’s amazing to me how many of these performers in this cast envelop the ‘spirit’ of the theme and in their expressions and in their eyes, you’ll see the horror, shock, passion and humor that appears before you in every sequence. Its body movement and performance art like you’ve never seen before.

“Nightmares” is an amazing full hour of imagination, fright, surprise, sexuality and imagery in what is truly in “Nightmares” and what they can be like. It has adult content (nudity) and adult in nature (sexual undertones) but demonstrates the dark, the light and the creepy that all our subconscious has to offer done very theatrically and with amazing passion. Don’t you dare miss this one, it may haunt you if you do. Check them out at

Pic: TOP: Donna Ibale – In Alpha: Mathew Adams, Jason Britt, Ellen Burr, Gloria Galvan, Brett Gustafason, Samm Hill, Abel Horwitz, Leif La Duke, John Lweandowski, Rebecca Santini, Jessica Weiner, Roger K. Weiss, Kevin Van Cott, Cameron West and Corey Zicari.

Monday, 09 December 2013 02:57

Theatre Review - A Christmas Carol

“A Christmas Carol” Is A Real Christmas Enchantment At ZJU Theatre”

Zombie Joe Sebastian Muñoz A Christmas Carol NoHo Arts District ZJU North Hollywood

Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood does exactly what they do best, present a classic story, in this case by Charles Dickens, and give it a fun, fresh, musically enriched and delightfully charming version of the age-old classic “A Christmas Carol.” An amazingly fun part of this production is that many of the performers take on several roles each, with full costume, attitude and vocal changes. Bravo cast!

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