What do we do best in North Hollywood? THEATRE! Don’t miss Aliens With Extraordinary Abilities’ reimagining of “Pinocchio” at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre August 5 – 28.

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A Story of Real Family and Real Passion For Everyone!

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North Hollywood's own Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group has a wonderful family based drama called " SHE F*&%ING HATES ME: A Love Story" written and directed by Scarlett Ridgeway Savage. It’s the story of a mother and daughter of three generations dealing with a family death, a broken promise, a hidden secret and unspoken love of someone who is more than a friend. Cleverly staged by Scarlett and bold with words, this play will make you smile and laugh many times.

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Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre in North Hollywood does it again! Playwright Adam Neubauer took time travel and the classic universal horror monsters and mixed them into a hysterical mix of romp, sarcasm and music in Zombie Joe's latest production of "Not With Monsters!" Director Sebastian Munoz then sprinkled in some talented performers, scene changing lighting and some fun toe-tapping choreography by cast member Caroline Montes for an evening of extreme fun!

zombie joes - blood water

Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group presents the World-Premiere of Joe Musso's brutal story of love, lust, blood, and betrayal, set in New Orleans during the rampant onslaught of an apocalyptic Hurricane Katrina. Greta - a Bourbon Street stripper, lustfully played by Denise Devin, wants "The Prophet", passionately played by Phillip J. Wheeler, to die for his damnation of her seedy sinful ways. It's her criminally-minded street-smart husband Rod, powerfully portrayed by Boston Sturgis, who stands in her way.

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