Urban Death Will Preview Its Edinburgh Fringe Show Before Heading to Scotland.
Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group presents:

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Bloody Hell! Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre Group Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Take Urban Death to the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Published in North Hollywood News

URBAN DEATH TOUR OF TERROR: Haunted Theatre Attraction! is back. And that can only mean one thing. It's Halloween time!

Only Zombie Joe's Underground can mesh art and horror into a frightening and mesmerizing experience. Since I saw their Halloween Urban Death Haunted Theatre Attraction show last year, I knew this year's would be even bigger and better if that was possible. It was!

Fulsome, apron donned moms do it. Cute diapered baby boys do it. Even chaste good nuns do it. Let’s do it! Let’s fall. Let’s fall. Let’s fall.

urban death

At once dark, delicious descent into a pageant of gore, and luminous musical romp through the most ignoble archetypes inhabiting our collective image repertoire, playing late nights in the heart of Noho, writer-director Zombie Joe’s, Urban Death, drives the final stake through the heart of the mere notion that anything is or can be sacred - at least not anything ordained as such by the despicable creatures paraded before us in scene after lurid scene, creatures we can only recognize as us.

Urban Death at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre
Every once in a while you see something in the horror world that's so smart, so different, so entertaining that you have to tell everyone about it. Well lucky you because that's what just happened to me this past weekend in North Hollywood at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group. Their new signature horror production, Urban Death, is the most entertaining live show I've seen in years, and single-handedly proves that horror is not only alive but thriving, if you know where to look for it.  

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