The Whitefire Theatre and Loft Ensemble Presents “The Columbine Project.” Written by Paul Storiale.  Directed by Bree Pavey.


This play tells the story of one of the most diabolical moments in recent American history, the Columbine High School shooting. 



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The 2017 Valley Theatre Awards were hosted by Theatre 68 artistic director Ronnie Marmo on Monday, June 5, 2017 at Cupcake Theatre in the NoHo Arts District.

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Defiance Theatre Company is new to the NoHo Arts District. Having created several hits independently, the members of this company are in good hands with Artistic Director Paul Storiale. The first show from Defiance is “Punch Drunk” written and directed by Hunter Canedy.

We all are a bit dysfunctional, especially around the holidays

Dysfuntional Family Christmas
The NoHo Arts District dot Com team is split between overly cheerful, ugly sweater wearing, egg nog drinkers and fed-up-with-Christmas grinches. But both sides of this made up “War on Christmas” are soothed with theatre in NoHo. What? Yes, with theatre. If you’re looking for a Christmas show and a Christmas farce, go see North Hollywood's original “Dysfunctional Family Christmas” at the Brickhouse Theatre. We asked NoHo resident writer, director, producer and our go-to theatre man Paul Storiale on what makes this show great for everyone, pro-Christmas, anti-Christmas or for those who celebrate other holidays.

What inspired you to write this Christmas farce, “Dysfunctional Family Christmas?”

I was wanting to write something fun for the holidays. I needed it to be fast and have a family dynamic. There really isn’t a Christmas farce out there. Farce is extremely difficult to write, but I challenged myself and wrote some of the roles for specific actors I knew, knowing they would pull off the comedic timing it needed.

Dysfunctional Family Christmas

Why should someone go see the show?

They will laugh out loud the entire time. It's fun, it's fast paced. Your eyes are glued and it’s designed so you have no time to think about the world outside. It's everything you love about Christmas. And if you're Jewish....there's plenty for you as well.

You have two successful Christmas shows running at the same time and do it all alone, with no theatre company?

I design the sets/lights, write, direct, run the booth and take tickets for Dysfunctional Family Christmas. It’s just me and the actors. It's not as much as being a control freak as much as having fun in every aspect of theatre.

I have a co-director for the other show "The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever" this year, and together we put it together. However she’s leaving town for a couple weeks and I’m trying to figure out how to be at two places at once....challenge!!! :)

Show synopsis:

All Dean and Joanne want is a final uncomplicated holiday celebration with their family before they retire to Florida. But finding Grandpa Logan dead on Christmas Eve, the same day their young adult children are scheduled to arrive, tosses a significant wrench into their plans. Holiday hilarity ensues as Dean and Joanne attempt to keep grandpa's death a secret from their kids ... who just so happen to have a few secrets of their own bubbling beneath the surface. Read the review>>

Lastly, but in no way least, we couldn’t help but ask his advice.

Do you have any advice for folks on how to deal with the family Christmas craziness?

I grew up the youngest of nine, so I would say if you're going to go home, stay there a very short time. Or as Paul likes to say:

Hug, Love, Leave.

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For those who prefer theatre with a message, this is your play; for those who prefer a screamingly funny time, you've also come to the right place - Joe Marshall's The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever! is now making its West Coast premiere at the Avery Schreiber Theatre. Yes, it's sacrilegious, irreverent, so no one is spared, yet it's a play with a whole lot of tolerance and love for everyone. With a tightly-knit cast and meticulous direction from Paul Storiale, this Christmas Pageant should run annually for many years to come.

The story is familiar: April 20, 1999, two high school misfits open fire on their school, killing 12 students, one teacher, injuring 21 others, then killing themselves, and devastating families, the town of Littleton, and a nation.

Paul Storiale is a young, talented playwright and director who has created several new works that have premiered in NOHO.  There is one play that needs special acknowledgement.  Interview by Nancy Bianconi, Editor

Tell us about "The Columbine Project"?
Paul:  Well, when we opened in North Hollywood, I wasn't sure how people would react. Given its subject matter, reviewers weren't showing up opening weekend.  I got nervous until StagesceneLA's Steven Stanley shouted from the rooftops that it must be seen. The calls came in. The audience members spoke volumes and my original cast dedicated themselves not as actors, but as human beings, in order to tell this story. My producer and close friend, Bree Pavey worked diligently to make sure the entire cast of twenty two actors could take on New York together. Without any one of our leads there with us, the idea would have failed. Despite knowing it would be a financial disaster for them, each actor left jobs, agents, apartments and relationships behind and paid their own way to New York with only housing provided to them. It was a remarkable adventure. A true fairy tale of thespians making their way to share a story that not only touches the audience but that is gut wrenching for the actors each performance.

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