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Question of the Day...Where is NoHo"?

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Hong Kong, New York, Massachusetts or North Hollywood?  The answer is "All 4 places."  Hong Kong, New York and Massachusetts all have a NoHo District which are similar to our NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood, CA.  The districts are filled with art galleries, vintage clothing boutiques and designer clothing outlets, trendy restaurants and night spots.  The one thing that is missing in Hong Kong is theatres, which we are very fortunate to have 22 local, professioal theatres.

Once I found out that there is a NoHo in Hong Kong, I was  intrigued and wanted to know more.  Hong Kong's NoHo District got its name from being north of Hollywood Road. Our NoHo Arts District got its name from being located in NOrth HOllywood.  Fifteen minutes away (by foot) from Hong Kong's NoHo District is the SoHo District which is home to more up-scale art galleries and expensive restaurants and clubs.  Hong Kong's NoHo District is more funky and cool with unique storefronts, winding streets, food street vendors and alternative art galleries....sounds more like our NoHo.  The Hong Kong government in 2000 decided to develop the NoHo area which was blighted with high crime into a economically striving area.They turned the area into the NoHo District which is now patronized by international tourists and Hong Kong "hipsters."

One of many outdoor cafes in NoHo
noho cafe


Since the NoHo Arts District is filled with hundreds of New Yorkers, some of you are familiar with Manhattan's NoHo Historical District

noho images

The NoHo Historical District in Manhattan got its name in 1999.  This area was north of Houston, consequently called NoHo. Like many areas of Manhattan, this once-blighted area right above Greenwich Village is now a fashionable and hip piece of New York's most vibrant real estate. The former warehouse and retail district is a bona fide historic district, with more than a hundred buildings ranging from the early nineteenth century to recent years. The neighborhood is home to majestic structures like Colonnade Row, the Cable Building and the Schermerhorn Building, as well as the Joseph Papp Public Theater and Joe's Pub.  Of course, it has great theatre venues.

Northampton nicknamed "NoHo"

Northampton, Massachusetts is called by many folks "NoHo."   Northampton is known as an artistic, musical and counter-culture hub. It features a large and politically influential LGBT community along with numerous alternative health and intellectual organizations.  The town has an array of museums and galleries, theaters and performance houses.

For those of you who enjoy a drink or two there is also the "NoHo Drink" which stands for No Hangover

That is it for our geography lesson.  Hurray for North Hollywood....I rate our NOHO the Best!


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  • Comment Link GrannyMumantoog Sunday, 22 January 2017 03:50 posted by GrannyMumantoog

    Someone, years ago called Northampton the SoHo of the North. I think it was a newspaper article. People started calling it NoHo after that. Weird, but it stuck. I'm from here :)

  • Comment Link Michael Higby Tuesday, 09 August 2011 02:01 posted by Michael Higby

    There is also a NoHo in London.

    Back when I was on the CRAs' opportunities inventory I proposed that the part of Lankershim south of Camarillo to about Moorpark (which is very NoHo like even though some people call it West Toluca Lake or Universal City or just regular North Hollywood) be renamed "SoNoHo"



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