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Hollywood Fringe Festival - The Spidey Project

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Hollywood Fringe Festival Review - Theatre Unleashed presents "The Spidey Project" at Studio/Stage playing through June 24.

Written and Directed by Justin Moran

Produced by Theatre Unleashed

I am a big “superhero” genre fan.  That being said, I have been a bit disappointed of late with the myriad of Spiderman manifestations on screen.  None really feeling any good since Toby McGuire if I’m honest, and he wasn’t perfect.  So, it was with more than a little trepidation that I took a seat at Studio/ Stage for the Theatre Unleashed Hollywood Fringe production of “The Spidey Project.”

I did know that this musical version of the original story of Spider-Man was a parody, but in some ways, that made it even more vital that the essence of the story felt real and the characters were not just ‘comic’ but also ‘heroic.’

Minutes into the show I felt the comforting, warm glow of relief and, as the first bars were sung, exaltation. I’m not kidding.

The Spidey Project is absolutely bloody brilliant.

What began with a group of writers, actors and musicians on a quest to create a totally original, character-driven musical parody of Spiderman, with the reverence that only true fans could muster, became the first version of the show, performed for two nights in New York and then for a sold out run at Theatre Unleashed in L.A. last year to huge critical acclaim.

For this year’s Fringe, the company revised the show and added more musical numbers to flesh it out into a one-hour extravaganza.  Through simple and ridiculously inventive staging, tremendously talented actors with fantastic voices and wonderful songs, and an awful lot of humor, Justin Moran has gifted us something wonderful.

Spiderman is one of the more lighthearted super heros, always wise cracking, having trouble with his love life and getting acne, so the funny side of any interpretation is vitally important to get right. And they absolutely nailed it.  All the familiar characters are here: Uncle Ben, Aunt May, Gwen, numerous villains, the misogynistic newspaper boss, and, of course, a truly perfect Peter Parker…aka Spiderman.  All the actors double and triple up their roles, and all of them are brilliant and hilarious, and boy can they sing! 

They have an awesome live band too. It’s just so well put together. Honestly, as the audience left, everyone was positively beaming!

I cannot urge you enough to go and see this show. I clearly loved it, but I challenge anyone not to.  It’s funny, inventive, full of really great songs beautifully sung and so much energy, I swear I felt the room vibrate!

This is bound to be a Fringe favorite, so don’t dawdle, get you tickets now!!


Richard Abraham, Lindsay Braverman, Margaret Glaccum, Henry Kaiser, Heather Lake, Travis Nilan, Presley Roy, Adam Slemon, Christopher Jewell Valentin.


Jennifer Lin, Johanna Chase, Nicole Marcus, Carlos Flores, Emily Cohen

Studio/Stage 520 N. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Saturday June 3rd - Saturday June 24


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