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The Spirit of the Beats and the Beatnik

Written by Nancy Bianconi, Editor
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The Los Angeles Poet Society, LAPS, ( is bringing a new Open Mic/Spoken Word series called "Writer Wednesdays" to the Republic of Pie.

Hosting the series will be LAPS founder, Poet Jessica M. Wilson  teamed up with the terrific Julio the CongaPoet Rodriguez..  Here is what Jessica has to say about this new Open mic/Spoken Word series...

Jessica:  The spirit of this reading will summon the spirit of the Beats and the Beatnik, a style of poetics that is raw and much too rare. Julio will open up the show, and all performers at the mic have the option to launch their spoken word to the beat of the Conga! LAPS will photograph the event to promote all those who step up to the mic!

Writer Wednesdays launches March 6, 7:30-9:30! We will be featuring the fabulous Spoken Word Artist and Performer, Sean Hill! (Video of Sean's spoken word:

What made you decide to do it in NoHo?

Jessica:  NoHo is a wonderful area!  I especially love the diversity and cultures that find there way here. It truly has become an eclectic bohemia of artistic souls. The Republic of Pie has found a good home and offers an inspirational sanctuary to the artists' soul. I think it's a blessing to be able to represent the spoken word and the written word, what I also like to call the "written art", in the midst of the Arts District.

Give us a little history about Spoken Word

Jessica:  Not too sure how to answer this. The spoken word was often shared in close proximity, where your shoulders could easily touch the person's next to you, and you listen around a fire to hear a story. Oration was an art, a way to share wisdom with those who were not formally taught, a way to inspire and admire. I am a Beatnik girl, all the way, and believe our words are proclamations of the soul, and the beat of the Congas, or rhythm, the communal heartbeat sustaining us.

How did you get started doing Spoken Word?

Jessica:  I was inspired at an early age, by the work of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, and Jack Kerouac. Beat all the way! I'd write in stream of consciousness form and read what came out. That's when I discovered the power that words have, and appreciated the rhythm of the lines that follow the stream.

If someone wants to perform in your series, what do they do?

Jessica:  We would love to meet all of you! Please come by and join us! All performers at the mic are welcome to read their work to the CongaPoet's percussion. It's an extremely unique experience that we are so fortunate to offer! Please RSVP and get on the mailing list for Writer Wednesdays by shouting out to We prefer RSVPs in advance so we can set up the show in advance. All performers get a maximum of 6 minutes at the mic! All creative written work is accepted!

Any video we can check out?

Jessica:  We sure do! Julio has a youtube channel, please check out "CongaPoet". I'm also on youtube; you can find me by the name EuropaWynd.


Poets and Videos

Julio video:

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Jessica video:


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Sean Hill's youtube channel:

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