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This North Hollywood area project consists of widening the southern half of Magnolia Boulevard from Cahuenga Boulevard to Vineland Avenue by 7 feet. The scope includes demolishing/removing the existing curb, gutter, sidewalk, pull boxes, and traffic signal equipment; sandblasting and traffic striping; constructing almost 1,300 linear feet of type C integral curb and gutter, almost 2,500 square feet of intersection concrete gutter, over 10,000 square feet of 3-inch thick concrete sidewalk, almost 2,200 square feet of concrete driveways, and approximately 16,100 square feet of asphalt road surface; installing storm drain lines and associated catch basins, street lights, traffic signals, and traffic striping; performing landscape work consisting of removing weeds and 16 trees, installing topsoil and 69 trees, and maintaining the new landscape for 180 days. The contract duration is 692 calendar days.

Since Magnolia Blvd. is such a traffic-congested street, we were concerned about this upcoming street widening. We wanted to make North Hollywood folks are aware so they could avoid the area or allow for adequate travel time. We contacted Ramnik D. Mungra, Project Manager of Street Improvement Section Bureau of Engineering/PW for more details.

When will the project begin?

Ramnik: Construction start date is October 24th. The contractor may not be at the site but I will have more after I meet with the contractor on Wednesday afternoon.

How will you be handling traffic congestion?

Ramnik: Per the Traffic Lane Requirements, the contractor is required to maintain one lane of traffic in each direction and turn lane. At certain intersections, the contractor is required to provide a flagger(s) to control traffic. Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) will approve a Worksite Traffic Control Plan later.

NoHo has limited parking. Are there any provisions for this?

Ramnik: Other than above requirements, there are no special provisions.

When will businesses be notified?

Ramnik: Per the contract, the contractor will provide 10 days notice before the start of construction.

If people have questions, who do they contact?

Ramnik: People can contact Peter Blikian at 213-485-4305 for questions regarding the project.


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