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Basic wardrobe staples that will get you through the workweek & the weekend…

Written by Miriam Barrera
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Basic wardrobe staples that will get you through the workweek & the weekend…

We’ve got to admit, we Californians can get away with a stylish lifestyle at our workplace.

I promise you, your on-duty wardrobe does not have to be boring, or expensive. Let's dive into just a handful of basic all-year-round wardrobe staples that all you ladies and fellas should have in your closets.

Classic Blazer 

classic blazer

Please, if you do not own a blazer, stop reading, go purchase one, and come back to continue reading this wardrobe staple guide… I’ll still be here, promise. Now back to business. When in doubt, put a blazer over it. As shown, blazers can be thrown over almost anything and make an outfit go from “I’m going on a quick grocery run” to “I’ve arrived and I’m here to impress.”

White is Right

white is right

Can we just take a minute to discuss the diversity outfit selection a simple white t-shirt and button-down can bring to your wardrobe?! Both are just as equally important to own. Whites add such a classy, yet effortless feel to any and all outfits. To add even more variety to your outfits, choose from different fabrics and necklines like v-necks, crewnecks, or even low-cut, depending on the occasion!

Top Coat

top coat

Ladies and gents, our next topic of discussion is nonetheless, coats. They are timeless pieces that will find yourself reaching for during fall and winter. And if I may say, the longer, the better. Neutral colors are your best bet, especially for layering. They’ll match perfectly with everything!

Sneaker Heads

sneaker heads

“You can’t dress up sneakers…” said no one ever. White sneakers are an absolute MUST. They look just as great used as office shoes as they do as Sunday brunch shoes. If you’re daring enough, take it to another level and get yourself a pair of white leather sneakers. Life changing. Although only those basic wardrobe staples were lightly discussed, it does not mean the list has ended. L.A. is filled with beautiful people and amazingly unique styles, so by all means, feel free to pair your own favorite staples with those mentioned. Creativity is limitless!

Until next time, my stylish friends, stay trendy.


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