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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 07:14

The Process: BesTalent Fall into Fashion Show

Written by Melissa Cabrera
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 Fall into Fashion by BesTalent Group Fall into Fashion by BesTalent Group

Art Institute Hollywood's Fashion Club has increasingly gotten their name out in the fashion industry since beginning in November 2016.

Fashion Club has worked on plenty of fashion shows and community events.

Our most recent event was with BesTalent Group, an entertainment company that specializes in training aspiring models, singers, actors and dancers. We helped plan and execute a fashion show where part of the proceeds went to a healthcare and reconstructive surgery project called “R.E.S.T.O.R.E.”

We have worked with BesTalent Group in the past but this time around we were able to be a part of the process and have our ideas and input in the show. BesTalent Group had five Ai Fashion Club members intern for the event, including Fashion Club President Adam Montelongo, and members Miriam Barrera, Shana Lee, Christian Deniz, and Melissa Cabrera (that’s me). Our first meeting consisted of getting to know the basics about the event, meeting the team behind the show, and placing input in order to have a great show. We met weekly to discuss our progress and to express any new ideas.

Now I know what you are thinking, Melissa is being too broad and she needs to get to the good details. I was just getting there… to the day of!

I am sure that most of us helping out were anxious and didn’t get much sleep but when the time arrived we were more than ready to get to work. One thing that all who will work with us will find out is that we love being productive and one way or another we get things done. Now that it is said, I’ll stop boasting Fashion Club and get to the major topic- BesTalent Group’s Fall into Fashion, fashion show.

The fashion show was held at the Canon Gardens in Beverly Hills on August 21. America’s Next Top Models Kiara Belen and Lacey Rogers hosted the event starting at 7pm. The event was sponsored by local shops in Beverly Hills and the big one was Rolls Royce! Designs were provided by SITA Couture, Monnalisa, Courtney Allegra, and our headliner Evae Evae. Now my personal favorite were the designs of Malik Vivian and Shanta Faria De Sa, our two talented fellow Art Institute-Hollywood students, they got standing ovations and I personally feel they deserved it!


Dress Rehearsals for Ai Designers Malik and Shata at Millennium Dance Studio

The day of the event, Fashion Club showed up and took every task seriously, like every event they start off slow until time gets close to the event. We started with swag bag organizing, a simple task that we eagerly took. As time got closer we began the work and divided. Some of us worked with setup of tables and decorations, let's just say the garden was lit! Others worked with Parris Harris, the fashion show producer whom we adore, they helped with models and arranging the racks of clothing. It may seem like easy work, but it’s harder than it sounds. At the time of he event we focused on what we love most, fashion shows!

Some of made sure that models were where they were supposed to be, some of us dressed the models, and some of us ran around everywhere doing whatever was needed.

We worked long hours but in the end the sweat and body ache was well worth it. BesTalent Group did the best they could do and it paid off, they are a new company that had a good start, same with Ai- Hollywood Fashion Club. We have not been in the game for long, but the goal is to remain busy and get our foot in the door while hopefully maintaining our good reputation.



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