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The Best Places to Meet Worthwhile Singles in LA

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 The Best Places to Meet Worthwhile Singles in LA

(Happy Valentine’s Day!) 

Being a matchmaker means knowing where to meet high-quality singles.

We need to be creative, discerning and efficient with time. Here’s a list of our tried-and-true places/activities where we have met some of the most eligible singles in Los Angeles:

  1. Cultural (networking) events. It doesn’t matter if you don’t really need to network for your business, go to events. Some business events solely focused on networking tend to be lame in terms of making solid work contacts, but these places always attract upscale, (mostly) single professionals. Some of our favorite events have been with these groups:
  1. Athletic leagues. Our clients swear by these. Did you know they have adult kickball leagues? This is a great way to stay in shape and meet others who want to have fun and meet other active-minded people. Volleyball clubs are very social. Hiking clubs tend to attract more women. Running/biking clubs attract more men. Explore!;
  2. Faith-based communities. Most people we meet are ‘more spiritual than religious’ so exploring ‘light-religion’ and spiritually-minded communities seems logical. Agape, a spiritual center and community is very welcoming and attracts a lot of single professionals.
  1. Curated experiences. Fill your own cup first with cool experiences to add to your repertoire and make your life more interesting. Say YES to all invitations! Even FaceBook Events. Check out Airbnb Experiences and explore something new with other curious locals. Or create your own experience. Start a club or throw a cocktail party and encourage your friends to invite their friends.
  2. Grocery stores after work. These places are teeming with singles from 6-8pm. We have met many eligible bachelors at Whole Foods on Lincoln J. Mondays nights are the best. Turn your green light ON and smile. Small talk is easy when it comes to food.

(Honorable mentions:  Alumni Clubs, higher education classes, salsa/swing dancing classes, volunteering (LA Works is our favorite), Travel clubs and of course, dog parks).

The most important aspect of putting yourself out there and engaging with the world is…just that. If you do these things for the sole purpose of trying to meet someone, you may be missing your opportunity. Taking a step out of your comfort zone to connect with other like-minded people is the first step towards finding your ‘One’.

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Cristina Morara

Cristina and Andrea Morara are dating experts and own Stellar Hitch, a boutique matchmaking company catering to upscale professionals that incorporates dating coaching and image consulting in their matchmaking method. Specializing in bringing out people’s best qualities --on the inside and out—before they introduce them to their match, Stellar Hitch leads with a “dolce vita” approach to dating. They encourage clients to slow down, be present and bring their best and most playful self to the table because “it’s less about what you are doing and more about who you are being”.

The couple is currently working on the book "The Dolce Vita of Dating: How A Vintage Approach To Romance Will Lead You Straight To The Altar."

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