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Pop Quiz: You had an awesome date with a guy, give him a nice hug goodbye (always better cause it keeps him wanting more and keep you looking ultra classy), then you get home and you…which one of the following should you NOT do?

A) call your girl to tell her how great the date was.
B) get some good shut eye
C) have a cocktail and take the dog for a nice walk
D) text the guy and tell him how awesome the date and was and you can’t wait for the next date


Yep, it’s D. There is this stigma that someone started to send out a text once you get home to send a little night cap for the man. I see it all the time. I hear about it all the time. Don’t believe the hype, its not the best move. Why?

It always good to keep him wanting more, and you want that hug to be the last impression for the night. A little love note on the text now moves you from “the cool classy girl I just went on a great date with and could not steal a kiss from” to “Oh, she is totally into this and getting awfully girly awfully quick. Crap, this was going so well.”

When in doubt, do LESS. Have a ball on the date, have fun, be yourself, flirt, dance, hike, etc (end those dates vertically and clothed), but keep it all in the moment and in the moment of date…not the future, not what it could be, and no terms of endearment.

“Hey. Had such a great time tonight. You are such a special guy. Can’t wait till next time.”

That, my friends, is a kiss of death after a great date. Keep him guessing. I am not saying play games with him, but since the female heart is able to go down a relationship road faster than a man’s, you got to hold back those feelings, those urges for quite some time. The more you hold back, the more he will open up faster. Remember, men are the hunters, women are the gatherers. If you give up the hunt too quickly, then we don’t know what to do, and actually lose interest. You could be the best gal we have gone out with in a long long time, but if we get the feeling that you are ready to roll into a relationship super quickly or getting feelings for us after the first couple dates, we innately run for border and grab a taco supreme, even if you were greatest meal known to mankind. I am not defending this reaction, but just stating how most of us men are wired.

So if you have a great date or have been hanging out with a great guy recently, save all those emotions for talks with your mother or girlfriends. LESS IS MORE. It is just how we men are wired. The more we can hunt, the more we feel like a man, and the more we keep coming back. The more we keep coming back, the more we keep thinking about you, the more we keep thinking about you, the quicker our right brain kicks in and the quicker we develop emotions for you. However, if we feel like we got the food (whether it is your heart or a night of passion), then we might move on.

So if you are looking to walk down that road for a substantial relationship, slow it down…emotionally and sexually. If you give up either one too quickly, he might prematurely bust out. The 21st century man is looking for any way possible to express his manhood. Keep the hunt alive and keep him hunting YOU.

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