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Healing with Love (8)

Annmari Love reads your Angel Cards for the month ahead.

An angel card reading is good for the times in your life when you are looking for guidance with your life path. The gentle and calming messages of the angels help to soothe tired and frazzled emotions. If this is what you need right now, then an angel card reading is right for you.

Tuesday, 05 March 2019 01:19

Free Angel Card Reading March

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Your monthly intuitive Angel Readings with Angel intuitive Annmari Love!

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Free monthly intuitive Angel Readings with Angel intuitive Annmari Love! 

Thursday, 03 January 2019 00:17

Your FREE Angel Card Reading - January 2019

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Angel Readings with Angel intuitive Annmari Love! 

Monday, 03 December 2018 05:17

Free Angel Card Reading for December

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Close your eyes, meditate or say a prayer and choose the card that speaks to you. 1, 2 or 3

Monday, 05 November 2018 01:13

Your Angel Card Reading for November

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Close your eyes, meditate or say a prayer and choose the card that speaks to you. 1, 2 or 3

Thursday, 04 October 2018 03:51

Free Angel Card Reading October

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Please choose a card for the month ahead. 

Close your eyes, meditate or say a prayer and choose the card that speaks to you. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? 

Scroll down 



If you chose card 1


1. The Witch “The Earthly Weaver of the Worlds.”

Earth, air, fire, water.

“A woman lovely, a woman strange. Weaver of the world, and moon’s daughter.”

Witch: the catalyst for change.

Witches have always had a bad PR day for a couple of millennia now. Originally, the healers or cunning women of the village, the very word ‘witch’ comes from the Celtic word ‘wicce’ meaning ‘weaver’ or ‘wise’.

When the new religion of Christianity spread through the land, the custodians of old pagan ways, in part, witches, were labeled as evil and, as we know from history, persecuted. They were driven underground (or under the night sky) into the shadows of misunderstanding and darkness. However; for the purposes of Halloween let’s look at witches as the weavers of magic and change. Through spells and rituals and even through herbal recipes (yes, often brewed in a cauldron!) they weave the powers of this world and the next in synergy to solve problems and heal.

Choosing or holding the witch card means that you can weave your own change throughout your life and that magic indeed is afoot. You must understand that you have the power and it is real. It may also indicate that others may be threatened by your developing personal power and they may not appreciate or like the changes in you as you grow. Be prepared for this and do not be discouraged. New friends and better opportunities will be attracted instead.

If you chose card 2


2. Jack-O-Lantern “Protection”

“Oh, Jack! Oh, Jack! Let me carve my protection. Shine your fire outwards. Evil rejection and reflection.”

Halloween wouldn’t be the same without the carving a pumpkin into scary jack-o’-lanterns. Glowing menacingly from porches, dinner tables everywhere Jacks actually have a rich history and a spiritual bent.

The original term for a jack-o’-lantern was a will-o’-the-wisp was a small bundle of sticks used as a flame or torch. The Celts, the Irish and those living in the Scottish Highlands all carved winter vegetables – not just pumpkins but also parsnips and carrots or beets. The time around Samhain (Halloween) was of course when the fae and goblins were said to be roaming wild and so the lanterns were intended to be both scary, (scaring off the undesirables) and to light the way in the dark.

Today, carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns has become an art and itself and a true icon of Halloween. Intricate designs both scary and funny can be found in almost every home that celebrates the holiday. Both electric lights and candles now illuminate the inside of the lanterns.

Know that you are protected and that you are capable of creating the life that you want and that the universe supports you in this should jack shine his light upon you. Boundaries are important to teach people how to treat us and choosing this card indicates that you may wish to renew the ones you have or to establish new ones.

If you chose card 3


3. Black Cat

“Fortune meets opportunity”

“Sleek and black and lantern-eyed. Crosses your path with a hiss. Good luck and fortune. Sweep by with a kiss.”

In traditional folklore, cats were said to have one foot in this world and one in the next. They were the conduit between the underworld and this world and fortune and opportunity.

In times of the Inquisition, the middle ages, cats were hunted because they were said to be allies of evil entities such as devils and witches. Black cats, being associated with the darker aspects of the supernatural were especially singled out. Historians believe this unprecedented killing of the cats in the name of eradicating evil lead to an unchecked increase in the rat population which was responsible for the alarming rapid spread of the bubonic plague and the death of millions of people.

These days, in Germany for example, black cat passing once path indicates impending misfortune. Yet in ancient Britain, they were considered good luck and were even given to brides on their wedding day. In Japan, to this day they are considered very good luck and bring years of fortune. If you chose the slinky black cat cross your path in this reading, know that good luck and Fortune will be meeting you promptly. Also, know that your luck will be even luckier if you are prepared to take advantage of every special opportunity that comes your way.


If you chose card 4


4. Eternal Love

“ Love is love and it transcends our physical being.”

All of us are the product of millennia of love. Our parent's parents, our ancestors by blood and ritual all have in some way created the DNA that weaves throughout our bodies. Love, in fact, powers life.

If you chose this card, you are being reminded that love is the most powerful force in the universe. It is more powerful than death itself. Love lingers. It leaves it on Legacy and we should be aware of this every day that we live. For those that are ready for and desiring of a partner, it also indicates hey significant love is close at hand and for you to be ready to open up to this new experience!!’

If you chose card 5


5. Trick or treat

“Mischief and play”

Trick-or-treating is a huge event. We spend much time, money and effort dressing up as our scariest creatures and this is even extended to dressing up as our favorite celebrities and other pop-culture idols. Instead of traditional candy Apple and barmbrack we give out a mind-boggling variety of candy. It matters not - the idea of frightening away the negative and darkness still stands.

Trick-or-treating also unites communities by introducing our family and friends to those around us in a non-threatening and joyful way. Many of us do not know our neighbors – even those who live right next-door – and Halloween gives us an excuse to not be so reserved and extend our boundaries.

If you choose the trick-or-treat card, it may well be time to examine the role of play and mischief in your own life. You don’t have to be a child to let go and have some playtime and fun. You can extend fun to others and sometimes we are afraid to make mistakes. Play is one way to alleviate the pressure that we sometimes place on ourselves to get everything perfect all the time. Alternatively, it is worth knowing that there is a balance between manipulation and mischief – the former is not pleasant and the other has, at its core, a sense of irreverent fun!!!

Tuesday, 04 September 2018 00:00

September's Free Angel Card Reading

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Please choose a card for the month ahead. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2018 22:17

Angel Card Reading

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