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Monday, 25 April 2011 21:34

"Did MTV's America's Best Dance Crew" Make a Mistake?

Written by Nancy Bianconi - Editor
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Up close and personal with The Eclectic Gentlemen - the crew that should be still competing on "America's Best Dance Crew."

How did you all get together?
Eclectic GentlemenOriginally we were known as Oceans 11 and it was very similar to the actual movie. With common goals to entertain inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams, I recruited each member individually based off of their specific talents and hunger to be one of the best at what they do. With most crews everyone is pretty much the same within their crew which causes a lot of idea similarities and very little growth. But with our amazing individuality, everyone brings a very profound uniqueness to the team. I definitely believe if you saw five of our shows, each one would be different in its own way. Even though we had to change our name to Eclectic Gentlemen, we still have Oceans 11, which is the other members:seven members in Eclectic Gents and with the others we are known as Oceans 11.

What was the group doing before "America's Best Dance Crew"? Debbie Reynolds Showcase was our first performance as a unity. We were also at The Highlands, Colony, a couple of the members were on America's Got Talent (in a group called D2B) and Carnivals.

Eclectic Gentlemen

Why do you feel you were eliminated from "America's Best Dance Crew"?
We honestly do not have an answer to this question because we believe we are the most diverse crew anyone has ever seen on ABDC and we had so much in store to show the world if we had continued on the show. However, as gentlemen, we do not so much focus on the elimination but on the opportunity to reach out and touch someone's life; even if it is just one. ABDC was just another opportunity on our path to success. God always has something greater in store.

What makes Eclectic Gentlemen unique?
Our main style which sets us apart from the rest is Lyrical Hip Hop. Bringing any artist's words to life through dance, you can watch us on Mute and still understand the picture and story we are telling you.

Our appearance: we really take pride in the way we dress. Most people feel they have to dress a certain way in order to dance a certain way. We believe in "Dress for Success" which means that dress shirts and bowties are our brand and no one dresses like us. We can express any type of story even when we are dressed up. In addition, we can perform in any style, whether its hip hop, poppin, tutting, tumbling, robotics, isolations, krumping...almost anything.

So what's special about the members of Eclectic Gentlemen?
Alex Larson - The Superstar -He can get anyone in any club. His choreography is made for tours. His style is one of a kind.

DeShon "Juice Boy Fresh" Hamilton - The DareDevil - He would try anything putting his body in jeopardy to make sure any performance we do has a "BANG!!!" ...amazing trickster and bboy...

Juan "S@NA" Munoz - The Cool - Amazing Energy and always thinks positive. Also one of the cleanest dancers you would ever meet. He really helps to perform as a unit and choreographs for the world to understand.

Kevin "K. Love" Jackson - The Love - Quote people love to use is " IM IN K.LOVE." He is Jerk Allstar. He never wears practice gear just in case he randomly meets Keri Hilson he would look good enough to talk to her. He choreographs to actual mood and heart of the song.

Matthew "Genesis" Roberts - The Tutter - The Name is self explanatory, one of the most amazing Tutters you will ever see...very calm, cool and collected.

Sean "Fresh" Redding - The Architect - Fresh brought everyone together, specializing in poppin, waving, tutting, isolations and robotics which he puts into his choreo alongside lyrical hip hop, calling it Urban movement.

Will "Willdabeast" Adams - The Backbone - His dedication and passion for dance and entertaining is needed in most crews. He reciprocates the energy from each member and is able to keep us on one accord.He helps us with our aggressive presentation for every show and specializes in hiphop and krumping.

Do all members live in North Hollywood?
Yes...Except for Fresh

What advice would you give dancers just starting out?
Believe in yourself and others will follow!

In five years, what will Eclectic Gentlemen be doing?
Movies...choreographing music videos and tours...owning and supplying our own Apparel line...Striving to build our own dance studio...providing opportunities for upcoming dancers in/from small towns that would like to become full-time dancers...and Running workshops and shows all over the world.

Doing any shows coming up?
No dates for shows have been locked down yet, negotiating. I will keep you posted. Fresh teaches at Debbie Reynolds Tuesdays at 5pm..and IDA Mondays at 9pm.

Willdabeast subs at Debbie Reynolds...keep eyes peeled on those classes.


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