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14 Nov

City of Sound Performs at The Federal NoHo

Meet City of Sound, a three-piece indie alternative rock band gearing up to release their debut full-length album, “Silent Empire.” The first offering from the…

12 Nov

CDC Dental Reopens Their Doors

CDC Dental is back but now in their beautiful, newly remodeled space in North Hollywood.

12 Nov

The Ultimate Holiday Giveaway—Buy a New Home, Get a New Car

The Ultimate Holiday Giveaway is now in full swing at Gallery in Valley Village. For a limited time, purchase a new, architectural single-family home and…

12 Nov

Solofest 2019: Call for Submissions

Great things can happen when given the space and encouragement to create. The Whitefire Theatre has given artists this platform since 2012 with their annual…

11 Nov

Moscow Ballet's Great Russian Nutcracker

Valley Performing Arts Center

09 Nov

Hump Day Happy Hour at The Federal NoHo

The Federal NoHo has made Wednesdays even better. Why?

08 Nov

NoHo News: NoHo Dance Battle. Senior Pups. Z Movies. Theatre Reviews. Music. Happy Hour.

NoHo News: What's happening in the neighborhood... our picks. NoHo Life: fun in one square mile of Los Angeles. Here’s your NoHo arts community update!…

08 Nov

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month

Here are six advantages of bringing home an oldie but goodie!

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Whole for the Holidays

Well… we got through Halloween. The bucket of candy by the…

Cabinet of Horrors

Cabinet of Horrors @ Gallery: Track 16

Reviews - Halloween; Can You…

Halloween; Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Acting Exercises You Can Do…

This is part two of my blog from last month, Exercises you…

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 Kathy Bell Denton (l.), Leslie Thurston, Meg Wallace.

“Anatomy of a Hug”

Collaborative Artists Ensemble Presents “Anatomy of a Hug” at The Sherry Theatre
Nov 14, 2018


City of Sound Performs at The…

Meet City of Sound, a three-piece indie alternative rock…

CDC Dental Reopens Their Doors

CDC Dental is back but now in their beautiful, newly…
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The Ultimate Holiday…

The Ultimate Holiday Giveaway is now in full swing at…

Solofest 2019: Call for…

Great things can happen when given the space and…

Holiday Gift Ideas

Blastoff Comics

For our NoHoartsdistrict.com readers we are offering a…



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Geometric Design is More Than…

For years, many of us have associated geometric design…

Pre-workout Coffee

Multiple studies have found that between 60 and 80 percent…

Save Now or Save Later?

Most people have good intentions about saving for…

Interior Design - How to…

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