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'Tis the season to be jolly, not disappointed

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'Tis the season to be jolly, not disappointed

I’m stunned.

I’m not referring to the election results, the Cubs winning the world series, or the fact that my mother is turning 90; I’m blown away that it’s December, the end of 2016 and the rapid speed at which life is taking place. I swear the last thing I remember was prepping for that shoot in June in …oh wait, was that June?

What happened to this year? 

I count myself as extremely fortunate.  I’m healthy, a working producer with just the right amount of crazy to be in the entertainment industry, someone’s mom and daughter and surrounded by people who are biased towards love and the positive.  But the expectation that “tis the season to be jolly” and the pressure to experience the perfect holiday has in the past set me up for disappointment. 

Many of us at this time of year will be gathering with family and friends where the conversation often turns to a year in review and the cliff notes version of what you will be doing for the rest of your life.  It may be your best year yet and your time to shine but even those who exceeded their expectations for a fabulous year may cringe just a little when they get asked if there is someone special in their lives, or why they aren’t still working out, or what’s up with the ex-best friend. It can feel uncomfortable knowing I am walking into a room filled with interested people where I will be reminded of my successes and failures, what I did and didn’t do and the unknown that lies before me.  And what about the vision some of us carry that everyone else is part of a flawless family having the ideal holiday experience while we sit alone with our eggnog? 

I really want to experience this holiday season and my life in fact, for what it is, awesome and messy, fabulous and flawed, difficult and delightful. 

So with the most wonderful time of the year right around the corner, I’m preparing to approach the season a little bit differently and honor my connections and myself more than ever.  

Here’s what I am thinking: 

• Giving and Receiving:  This year I’m going to make sure that I am on my list along with my loved ones. I’ve already booked a massage appointment (for my upcoming birthday) and I’ve got support to keep exercising through the holidays.  Feels good to know I will stick to some of my regular routine and give myself some extra love.  It’s a great way to keep my spirits lifted. 

• Serving somebody:  Nothing opens my heart more than being of service and there are many opportunities to volunteer locally.  Check out: http://www.laworks.com/HOC__Volunteer_Opportunity_Calendar_Page for something that fits your schedule and consider doing it together with your family. 

• Shake it off:  Let it go, and any other song titles you can think of that remind you to cut everyone some slack including you. Nothing guarantees disappointment like having expectations so I am dialing back my need to perform perfectly as a gift giving party throwing being in the holiday spirit all the time person and just keeping it simple and real 

• Reach out:  Someone else is feeling just like you so try sharing your feelings or reaching out for company.  You may be surprised at how happy someone will be to have you join in the reindeer games or have someone to listen. 

• Don’t should yourself:  Don’t let your imagination of how you think a holiday should look take over your mind and dictate your feelings.  We are bombarded by advertising images that contribute to the idea of a perfect holiday, don’t buy it.  Remember what it’s all about..love, and take time to look where there is love in your life and share it.  That says happy holiday to me. 

Wishing you a ton of joy and love this season and beyond. 

See you on set. 


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Jessie Marcus

An award-winning producer, Jessie is known for her ingenuity, positive outlook, calm disposition and sense of humor, all valuable skills when working with networks, studios, and agencies with strong personalities in high-pressure situations.

With over a decade of experience as a freelance Producer, Jessie can be found shooting projects on the high seas with Disney, backstage with BET, on the streets of NYC with USA network and Freeform, as well as worldwide with the likes of Oxygen, TBS, E! Entertainment, and others.

Her numerous credits include projects ranging from commercials, movie and TV promos to music videos, co-branded entertainment, magazine shows, interactive media, documentaries, and PSA’s. She loves what she does and it shows!

Jessie completed a 3-year Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology, adding another tool to her bag of tricks and bringing those skills to the fast-paced, quick turnaround, production world as well as to her life coaching practice.

Contact Jessie Marcus jessieonfire@gmail.com

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