Foot in the Door: How to make moves in the entertainment industry and life

An award-winning Producer, Jessie is known for her ingenuity, positive outlook, calm disposition and sense of humor, all valuable skills when working with networks, studios, and agencies with strong personalities in high-pressure situations.

This year alone has found Jessie shooting projects on the high seas with Disney, backstage with BET, launching activations with ABC Family and Freeform, and the streets of New Orleans with FUSE network.

Her numerous credits include projects ranging from commercials, movie and TV promos to music videos, co-branded entertainment, magazine shows, interactive media, documentaries, and PSA’s. She loves what she does and it shows!

Jessie completed a 3-year Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology, adding another tool to her bag of tricks and bringing those skills to the fast paced, quick turnaround, production world as well as to her life coaching practice.

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I attribute being in the entertainment industry to my first trip to Universal studios many moons ago.  It happened right after I almost threw up in the tunnel that rotates and just before King Kong almost devoured me. We came around a corner to the back lot where they were filming and I wanted to leap off the tram and run down to the set where they were yelling action and magic was taking place. I felt like it was where I was meant to be and I followed that feeling!

images-5.jpg - 6.96 KbWell, we might as well face it, relationships are one of the greatest sources of joy in our lives but keeping the love flowing and your life in balance when you work in production can be extremely challenging.  Take the time I promised (for the umpteenth time) that I would be home in time for dinner, go see my family, show up at a party, or take that weekend off, I promise, and the opportunity to work came along and I grabbed it and disappointed someone. And if you are involved with someone who isn’t in “the business” it may be awhile before they get used to the wild ride of hanging with someone whose life can be predictably unpredictable.  So what to do?  How do you love the one you’re with, keep your clients happy, stay healthy AND fill up the bank account when you can?

fashion_police-1.jpg - 20.20 KbI’m fairly certain my parents didn’t want me to earn a masters degree in defying authority but I tend to think I excelled in those studies and I‘m kind of proud of it!

Take how I dress for instance. Nobody’s gonna put Jessie in a corner and if I feel like getting my freak on or having a flair or just flaunting what I got, I’m all about it. But now after years of experience and some interesting reactions, I recognize I am communicating something very intentional with the way I choose to dress.

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Today I got a call from one of my favorite clients.  You know the one you really like, who you’ve had drinks and laughs with and who, after five years of working together, you’re confident that everything is solid between you both?

Well imagine my surprise when I realized she was calling to tell me that they were coming to L.A. for a shoot and they were NOT going to hire me. Smack!  WTF??

When you're hot you're hot and when you're not you're not.

Hey all you slightly depressed, despair dabbling, should I get a job at Whole Foods thinking you are again.  Or should I say here I am again!  Not working, pitching projects, doing budgets and wondering if I will ever work in this town again. Sound familiar?

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