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Location, Location, Location!

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Location, Location, Location!

I am in awe right now of so many things, first and foremost, that I am writing you from a Villa on the Amalfi Coast. 

Yes, I am on holiday as the Europeans would say, and having said yes to the invitation of a wonderful and generous friend, I am here for a week with 5 other woman to have an experience of a lifetime.

And though it may seem so obvious and easy that I would chose to say a resounding yes to this amazing offer, it has been a journey of not just thousands of miles but through thousands of thoughts to get here.

I did just work my %^&* off on a week of work in Hawaii and travel 12 time zones to get here and felt I “earned” time to party, but I felt a bit of a pull to stay as well as I knew there were projects that may take place without me.

Ya feel me or am I crazy?   (Don’t answer that last one J)

As an independent free-lance producer I work when projects come my way and for so many reasons, say yes 99.9 per cent of the time to work I am offered.  It’s my good fortune that I love what I do, love who I work with, and get to work on the most amazing projects on a regular basis.  So much gratitude! But I rarely if ever say no to a client.  It’s scary for a variety of reasons. But this time was different.

While I am here my primary client and the team I love and work with consistently is deep in the trenches producing a music video, performing magic and miracles for a new client and I miss them.

Even in the midst of paradise having worked so hard to get here doing something I’ve never done before somewhere I have never been I am thinking about them and missing them.

I’m not sure if it makes me crazy or dedicated or what exactly, but I know that letting go has its challenges and its rewards.  Can they do this without me?  What if they don’t need me now or ever again?  Do I want them to succeed or miss me?  How could I miss such a bonding experience?  All of this has been rolling around in my head as I took 48 hours to explore Paris and made my way to join my friends in Italy.

So I share with you a few things that I am reminding myself of as I take advantage of the beauty that I am in the midst of, the love that surrounds me, and the joy in knowing that all is well.

Reboot:  We all know that a quick turn off of the computer, or even an airplane, puts things in fresh perspective and for some unknown reason seems to put most things back in working order. You don’t have to be broken to take advantage of a reboot. It works wonders wherever you are. I am rebooting!

Re Kindle:  Whether it’s the sense of adventure or connections of a lifetime, taking time to fuel the flames of your relationships or passions brings riches to your life.  And there is no doubt you will bring that back with you and enthusiastically share it with others. I can’t wait to share the stories from this journey!

Reconnect:  And then there’s me.  Taking time to explore new places and feelings that come up as I step into the unknown is revealing new strengths and possibilities that I may not encounter in my daily familiar world.  It may not all be comfortable but it sure feels good to stretch and grow and reach new heights inside myself.

So, I will continue to let go as the days go by so slowly and quickly at the same time and I will relax into knowing that I am in the right place and focus on the gratitude and opportunity before me.

And the team?  Well we are exactly that, a team.  We will continue to grow and stretch and do magic and miracles together when I return.  And to make certain that they will still have me I am bringing presents!

So Ciao for now.  I will be back soon and see you on set!


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Jessie Marcus

An award-winning producer, Jessie is known for her ingenuity, positive outlook, calm disposition and sense of humor, all valuable skills when working with networks, studios, and agencies with strong personalities in high-pressure situations.

With over a decade of experience as a freelance Producer, Jessie can be found shooting projects on the high seas with Disney, backstage with BET, on the streets of NYC with USA network and Freeform, as well as worldwide with the likes of Oxygen, TBS, E! Entertainment, and others.

Her numerous credits include projects ranging from commercials, movie and TV promos to music videos, co-branded entertainment, magazine shows, interactive media, documentaries, and PSA’s. She loves what she does and it shows!

Jessie completed a 3-year Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology, adding another tool to her bag of tricks and bringing those skills to the fast-paced, quick turnaround, production world as well as to her life coaching practice.

Contact Jessie Marcus jessieonfire@gmail.com

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