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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 11:37

ARTBATTLE - A Contest & Movement

Agapito Doronio III is a graphic artist & creative director for the Los Angles-based design community, Collective Aesthetics. Agapito showcased his first sculptures and live art back in March 2011 with North Hollywood art gallery Cella Gallery in the exhibit "Scaling the Wall" which was inspired by the urban aesthetic and the ongoing discourse concerning street art and the institutionalization of fine art.

Monday, 09 April 2012 02:28

Art Blog >> Dersk One Comes to NOHO

Tell us about your style of art.

Dersk One: The style of art I am most associated with is Graffiti Art. I do paint and produce art in other styles such as photography, cooking, sculpture, and poetry, but working in a graffiti style has been a passion of mine for over 20 years.

As a curator and marketer I am often asked by artists for advice. One of the questions that I find plagues most is if they should continue on their own path or attempt to tap into the current trends?

Registration for the 2012 Drawing Us Together visual arts exhibit and competition for young and emerging artists, grades 6-12, is open now through May 4th!

Sunday, 29 January 2012 23:23

Femme Fatale Blog

Our next show at Cella Gallery titled “ Femme Fatale” features the work of 35 artists hand picked by curators Nicole Bruckman and Stephanie Chefas.

Saturday, 12 November 2011 02:25

AI @ Experience NoHo

Experience NoHo - Arts Institute of California - Hollywood -  Schedule of Events

Fashion- The Fashion Design program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will showcase fashion designs of advanced students as well as recent graduates. Designs will range from the sublime to avante garde and everything in between. The fashion shows will take place in front of the Ai Campus on Lankershim Blvd. Two show times: 2pm & 5pm.

Interior Design- The Interior Design program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will showcase three dimensional computer renderings of hospitality, restaurant, and loft spaces. The architectural interiors utilized 3D Autocad and Revit computer programs. The department will also showcase examples of student work from Lighting Design. The interior design gallery will be showcasing at suite 131 loft on Weddington Blvd. The gallery will be showcasing from 2-6pm.

Set & Exhibit- The Set & Exhibit Design program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will be showcasing student work at the Magnolia address. The promotion of Set & Exhibit Design will be showcased from 12-4pm. Photography- The Digital Photography program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will showcase images of students from all levels of the program. Images will range from basic photo classes to advanced techniques in imaging and photo manipulation. The gallery will take place in front of the Ai campus on Weddington Blvd. The gallery will showcase from 2-6pm.

Film- The Digital Film program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will be showcasing student work with a 60-minute film festival of student shorts (all under 10 minutes) with a Q & A afterwards with various student directors and their crews. The Film Festival will take place at the Ai campus in room 108/109 at 1pm. The digital film program will also conduct a demonstration of the TV studio, demonstrating multi-cam recording and the Green Screen techniques used to create some of the visual illusions seen in everyday TV and film production. The demonstration will be given by TV Studio instructor, Nicole Block at 3pm in room 108/109 at the Ai campus.

Culinary- The Culinary program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will be showcasing culinary cuisine in the VIP area of the festival from 3-6pm.The Art Institute of California- Hollywood will be showcasing the restaurant Fifty2Fifty with appetizers at 4pm inside Fifty2Fifty Restaurant at the Ai Campus.

Graphic Design- The Graphic Design program of the Art Institute of California Hollywood will be showcasing student art work at suite 113 loft on Weddington Blvd. The gallery will be showcasing from 2-6pm. Multi Media- Media Arts & Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Game Art & Design, Visual Game Programming departments of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood, will show a Media reel of student work from the following departments: Media Arts & Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Game Art & Design, Visual Game Programming, the reel is a combination of student work submitted for festivals. The showcase will be showing the student reel from 2-6PM, in the Mariposa room at Ai Campus on Nov. 12th

The Student Services department of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will offer “Creating Tomorrow’s Artist” – kid’s workship 1-5pm taking place in front of Ai Campus on Weddington Blvd.

If you would like more information about Ai, visit the booth for The Art Institute of California- Hollywood by the main stage to get your photo taken in the photo booth with friends!

Friday, 11 November 2011 03:43

Experience Art in NoHo!

"Don't Miss the art exhibits and demonstrations throughout NoHo this Saturday at Experience NoHo!"


Experience ART in NoHo!

Visual art will be everywhere in NoHo with public art stations hosted by ArtStorm, live mural painting and gallery installations and exhibits in all of the NoHo galleries.

Monday, 26 September 2011 23:01

Experience NoHo Arts Festival - Part 1

I know it has been awhile since I have been the one writing my blog. I hope you enjoyed all of the amazing artists that filled in for me. I know I did.

Now I can tell you where I have been and what I have been up to. I have been knee deep in creating a comprehensive Arts Festival for the district! It is a long story as to how we got here but one I think that is worth sharing.

Tuesday, 09 August 2011 04:03

Art vs. Advertisement

In my continuing quest to unravel the super graphics laws that are currently restricting murals in Los Angeles I have come across the key issue that continues to plague City Council. How do you distinguish Art from advertisement?

At first glance this seems to be easily done. One is created to advertise a product, the other is created to ............... You see where I am going with this. The reality is billions of people through out time have devoted countless hours trying to understanding the meaning behind the Art they are confronted by on a daily basis. From the Romans who would use Art to “ advertise “ their patrons social status to the Catholics who have created Art to propagate christianity. The lines between Art and advertisement have always been blurry.


With the success of MOCA's current exhibit "Art in the Streets" the flood gates have been opened to the many complex issues of the street art movement. A movement that has taken every major city in the world by storm.

My hope in this series of blogs is to open a dialog, take you through the issues one step at a time, and shed light on how other major cities have handled the issue of street art.  I think the best place to start the discussion is with "murals" commission by private property owners on commercial or residential property.

Kenzie Alexanda

I have heard the question raised over and over again " Why don't street artists just ask permission from the property owners? ". In reality many artists do ask, however in the city of Los Angeles, artwork murals on private property that is in view of the public is ILLEGAL regardless of whether or not the artist has permission, or if the property owner has commissioned the work.

Do you have an event, video or news to share?  Drop us an email and you may see it on NoHoArtsDistrict.com