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by Caroline McElroy

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In “American Buffalo,” the 1975 David Mamet play now at the Geffen Playhouse, the three characters, all men, rarely speak a sentence that does not contain at least one obscenity. They call on swear words to convey anger, bravado, fear, frustration, hurt, joy, and physical pain.

High Energy Rock’N’Roll Nostalgia With Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash

PANTAGES THEATRE - HOLLYWOOD - 1956 was a momentous year for a small record label in Tennessee called Sun Records. History was made and forever remembered in this tiny studio where – for the first and only time – four legends ‘rocked’ together. On 4 December of that year –t he four legends - Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins all converged on the small Sun Records studios in Memphis for some impromptu music making.

Experience NoHo - Arts Institute of California - Hollywood -  Schedule of Events

Fashion- The Fashion Design program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will showcase fashion designs of advanced students as well as recent graduates. Designs will range from the sublime to avante garde and everything in between. The fashion shows will take place in front of the Ai Campus on Lankershim Blvd. Two show times: 2pm & 5pm.

Interior Design- The Interior Design program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will showcase three dimensional computer renderings of hospitality, restaurant, and loft spaces. The architectural interiors utilized 3D Autocad and Revit computer programs. The department will also showcase examples of student work from Lighting Design. The interior design gallery will be showcasing at suite 131 loft on Weddington Blvd. The gallery will be showcasing from 2-6pm.

Set & Exhibit- The Set & Exhibit Design program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will be showcasing student work at the Magnolia address. The promotion of Set & Exhibit Design will be showcased from 12-4pm. Photography- The Digital Photography program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will showcase images of students from all levels of the program. Images will range from basic photo classes to advanced techniques in imaging and photo manipulation. The gallery will take place in front of the Ai campus on Weddington Blvd. The gallery will showcase from 2-6pm.

Film- The Digital Film program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will be showcasing student work with a 60-minute film festival of student shorts (all under 10 minutes) with a Q & A afterwards with various student directors and their crews. The Film Festival will take place at the Ai campus in room 108/109 at 1pm. The digital film program will also conduct a demonstration of the TV studio, demonstrating multi-cam recording and the Green Screen techniques used to create some of the visual illusions seen in everyday TV and film production. The demonstration will be given by TV Studio instructor, Nicole Block at 3pm in room 108/109 at the Ai campus.

Culinary- The Culinary program of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will be showcasing culinary cuisine in the VIP area of the festival from 3-6pm.The Art Institute of California- Hollywood will be showcasing the restaurant Fifty2Fifty with appetizers at 4pm inside Fifty2Fifty Restaurant at the Ai Campus.

Graphic Design- The Graphic Design program of the Art Institute of California Hollywood will be showcasing student art work at suite 113 loft on Weddington Blvd. The gallery will be showcasing from 2-6pm. Multi Media- Media Arts & Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Game Art & Design, Visual Game Programming departments of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood, will show a Media reel of student work from the following departments: Media Arts & Animation, Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, Game Art & Design, Visual Game Programming, the reel is a combination of student work submitted for festivals. The showcase will be showing the student reel from 2-6PM, in the Mariposa room at Ai Campus on Nov. 12th

The Student Services department of the Art Institute of California- Hollywood will offer “Creating Tomorrow’s Artist” – kid’s workship 1-5pm taking place in front of Ai Campus on Weddington Blvd.

If you would like more information about Ai, visit the booth for The Art Institute of California- Hollywood by the main stage to get your photo taken in the photo booth with friends!

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Written by Geoffrey Nauffts
Directed by Sheryl Kaller


Nominations for:

2010 Tony Award - Best Play
Drama Desk Award - Outstanding Play
Outer Critics Circle Award - Outstanding New Broadway Play

"Artful, thoughtful and very moving." - The New York Times
"A potent piece of political theater." - Variety

As timely as it is touching, NEXT FALL exposes the fundamental truth that we love family and friends both because of - and in spite of - who they are. For more info, log on here.


"Tale as old as time" nails the complex simplicity of Beauty and the Beast the quintessential story of true love, the most difficult to obtain and sustain.  Disney's adaptation of the fairy tale with its sweepingly imaginative spectacle wins over even the hardest of hearts. The animated film was such a tremendous hit in 1991 that it was adapted for the stage in 1994 with new songs by Tim Rice added to the Academy Award-winning movie score by deceased Howard Ashman. It ran worldwide until 2007 and proves undoubtedly that fairy tales retain a popularity that never dies. The current revival tour of Beauty and the Beast, now at the Pantages until March 27, is every bit as glorious, delectable and elegant as the original.
Director Rob Roth and choreographer Matt West keep the action vibrantly alive from second to second throughout and are supported by a tremendously gifted cast. Liz Shivener makes the spirited Belle a model of perfection, the self-educated provincial girl who understands what it means to be different. Shunned by others because of her solitary preoccupation with books, she is more wise and caring than most girls her age. Justin Glaser as Beast has a magnificent vocal range and essays the strenuous physical role with towering strength. His transition from mean to tender is a delicious experience. Equally physical and vocally adept is Nathaniel Hackmann as Gaston, the comically cartoonish bully who proves the real beast of the evening. His comedic moves are just delightful. Comical characters enthrall us in all Disney productions and none more so than the varied over-the-top characters of all shapes and sizes. Merritt David Janes as Lumiere, Keith Kirkwood as Cogsworth, and Andrew Kruep as Lefou, Gaston's foolish sidekick whose pratfalls occur about every two seconds steal every scene they are in. Equally delightful are Christopher Spencer as Maurice, Belle's inventor father, Sabina Petra as Mrs. Potts, the teapot who sings the tile song so beautifully, Erin Elizabeth Coors as the saucy Babette, and the very funny Jen Bechter as Madame de la Grande Bouche, a chest of drawers quite unlike any you've ever seen.
Scenery by Stanley A. Meyer, costumes by Ann Hould-Ward, lighting design by Natasha Katz and sound by John Petrafesa are all scrumptious and add colorful highlights to the beloved story. Tim Rice's song "If I Can't Love Her" sung by the Beast as the Act I finale is my favorite. Perhaps the most heartbreaking number in the show, it expresses the intense agony he feels to be human again.
It doesn't really take as much strength to defeat an enemy as it does to win him over. Hate is easy; love is the hardest act to follow. Watching Belle work her magic on Beast and experiencing his refinement make Disney's Beauty and the Beast sheer enchantment for children of all ages.
5 out of 5 stars


This, my second viewing of the smash hit Tony Award winning musical Avenue Q, was even more joyous than the first. This little show, like a Sesame Street for adults, plays out like life - only bigger - with funny situations, great one-liners and tantalizing music, each and every tune a winner. The show leaves you craving more, but unfortunately you only have until Sunday, March 6 to see it, before it moves along on tour.

The amazing artistry of manipulating these puppets onstage entails far more than just pulling the strings and supplying the voice for the appropriate character. Each actor behind the puppet is giving a full-out emotional performance. You have to watch the puppet in motion and the actor to get the full effect. Directed expertly by Jason Moore, the cast of characterizations include Princeton and Rod played by David Colston Corris, Kate Monster and sexy slut Lucy played by Ashley Eileen Bucknam

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