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Monday, 17 October 2011 21:44


Written by Daniel DeBevoise
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Daniel DeBevoise, Guest Blogger

During the summer, NoHo Gallery LA exhibited a series of photographs highlighting past NoHo Arts District Festivals.  I was impressed by the number of people frequenting the gallery who appreciated this retrospective and expressed strong desires to see a revival of the festivals.  The festivals did so much to benefit the NoHo theatres, galleries and small businesses,in general.  Fortunately, the Experience NoHo Arts Festival coming up this November 12th is a much needed boost to the NoHo community.

As galleries continue to shut down, venues for artists to exhibit their works continue to shrink. So artists need to expand their horizons when figuring out how to sell art in today's market.

For instance, artists can band together to form art coops. By pooling their financial and volunteer resources together, they could cover the cost of renting a warehouse.  Stay away from properties in the center of town, look toward the outskirts where property tends to be less expensive and with more parking.

Other places artists can exhibit are theatre lobbies, restaurants, nightclubs, areas that have wall space where there is high foot traffic.   The business owners get their walls decorated for free and the artist exhibits their work and hopefully sells their artwork.   When you find out a new business is opening, be sure to be one of the first people to contact them.

Another option for artists to explore is to identify and pursue the marketing of their artworks into expanding international economies that are progressive, such as Brazil and Germany.

For artists who are willing to market their original artworks into prints, limited edition Giclees, they can join up with large scale internet arts marketing companies.  I personally know a few artists who sell well with companies such as 'Fine Art America'  and "Artwanted.com."  This way,  artists could continue to work on their art rather than have to take on a day job to make ends meet.

Another area where there are funds for artists are private foundation grants, museums and cities requesting proposals from artists for public art projects. This takes a lot of research but one job could make it all worthwhile.

I also know a handful of artists who are doing well by participating in art shows/festivals throughout California and neighboring states.  Vendor fees are inexpensive but you must be able to sell art that is priced between $50 and $250.  You could create a new line of art just for this purpose.  Google:  California Arts Festivals.

An artist must wear many hats just like any small business owner....you need to market yourself.  Except for your time, it is free to market yourself through social media.  Research Amazon.com for books on artist marketing.  You may hate the thought of marketing.  If that is the case, do a trade with a professional marketer, i.e. offer them a piece of art for their services.

Good Luck

Daniel DeBevoise, Curator

NoHo Gallery LA


NoHo Gallery LA


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