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NoHo Arts Community Spotlight - Carole J McCoy

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NoHo Arts Community Spotlight - Carole J McCoy

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The team has decided to showcase one NoHo artist per month. Artists will be from visual and performing arts. Criteria: Must live or work in NoHo and have been involved in some form of volunteer work within the Noho arts community. Please email with why you or your friend should be showcased for the Noho Arts Community Spotlight. You will be featured in the Latest News on the front page of which averages 75,000 visitors per month plus a shout out to our 14,000 social media followers.

Our first NoHo Arts Community Spotlight recipient is Carole J McCoy, a local multi-media artist. Carole has been a runway fashion model and is an actor and a member of SAG. As a visual artist, she is primarily a painter with a unique stylistic approach bringing layers, textures, and infinite prisms of colors to life. Carole is an art-activist for arts education, artist equality and artist rights.

What is Arts Brookfield-#ArtSetFree 25 Exhibit and how are you involved?
Carole: Arts Brookfield is celebrating its 25th anniversary by launching Art Set Free, an unprecedented global art showcase that offers the opportunity for established, emerging and amateur artists anywhere to have their work presented to an international audience on I am one of the visual artists whose painting is being showcased. This unique exhibit features the best selections of visual artists, musicians and performers from theater and dance from across America, and throughout the world at Brookfield Place New York City. This is my second time having the honor of being part of art with Arts Brookfield. Four years ago in Arts Brookfield Los Angeles, I was part of a group show sponsored by the California African American Museum (CAAM).

How were you selected?'
Carole: I submitted via Twitter with the hashtag #ArtSetFree, but artists are welcomed to submit on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #ArtSetFree. Artists can also submit at Arts Brookfield's Facebook by clicking on the "Submit" tab.

What are the benefits of being an exhibitor?
Carole: The international exposure of sharing your creativity is an honor to be selected, and you help bring awareness to keeping the arts thriving. Arts Brookfield contributes to art communties by showcasing artist in its flagship properties supporting public arts in Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Houston, Toronto, Perth and Sydney. Being part of this collaborative art showcase of many genres symbolizes to me the connection of humanity's creative voice.

What do you consider your greatest achievements as an artist?
Carole: Having a photo of myself with my painting "Bliss On Arrival" appear on the Oscars 2014, alongside some major talents. Winning an American Art Award last year, and #ArtSetFree !!!! However, my joy and achievement comes from giving back to the arts through mentoring, volunteering and supporting creative expression as a nurturing tool.

What is your formal training?
Carole: I went to college for fine arts for a short period of time. One of my professors said my technique was "My Way." Isn't that what makes an artist....individuality? I knew then I would be primarily self taught.

What advice would you give being artist?
Carole: If you make art, then say 'I am an artist' not "I am kind of an artist." Don't measure yourself against anyone else. With passion, joy and discipline practice your craft. Enjoy making art. Sense the connection to life, and recreate your observations in your expression. And most of all, celebrate all art and artists.

For further information about, Carole.....
.Twitter @Cjthefineartist
Facebook page / gallery
Instagram.: carolejartist_rockstartist


Art work in Arts Brookfield-#ArtSetFree 25 Exhibit


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