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Art >> Dedication: Part 2 of a Series

Written by Dersk One
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dersk_painting3.jpg - 33.64 KbDedication, what does this mean? If you are listening to the radio at the lovers' hour, then it means someone is playing your favorite song and the DJ has just announced your name over the airwaves and your lover is smiling and you are blushing, cause he/or she remembered you loved it.

If you are an artist, far from home base, then that means you have to get moving, you have to keep working, you have to keep hustling till it hurts, you have to be out making contacts on a daily basis, the soles of your shoes are starting to get hot, your feet are starting to hurt and you might be in the mood to just stay in the house and watch TV, cause day after day, the idea of handing out a business card and waiting to hear back from someone is starting to wear down on your process.

Taking a chance for a month in a new city or town can do that to a person. You are thinking to yourself, “I need to get some creativeness out on a wall or canvas” but that’s just half of the work for most who are not accustomed to having someone do the leg work for them. You didn’t pay that gallery to host your work because, well, you don’t have 500 dollars for one month of wall time, and who knows how diligent in selling your work they are going to be after they already have your money that has drops of paint on it and is dampened by the sweat you are creating cause it is hot outside, or in the studio.

That can be discouraging. Most of the time, it’s difficult to handle rejection from a gallery, or a business, or a city for that matter.

But here is the thing, it is just another obstacle that you are going to have to climb over, break through, and persevere, even if it hurts, even if your mind is saying, “Not another day of this.” You have to keep pushing through it, keep hitting that road that sometimes looks as though it might lead to nowhere, you have to bring your work, out with you, sit down and paint outside, in public and do the work for yourself. Create your own gallery space, make those business cards, make those contacts, and show people you are there, you are creating, and you are available for commissioned work.

dersk_painting.jpg - 27.21 KbDon’t let the fact that the economy is failing discourage you, someone, somewhere out there isn’t feeling the same lull, someone out there is making money and really wants to spend it on something that is going to make them feel good, and that my friends is ART, and I don’t mean the mass produced art, printed on canvas, and given some fancy name to denounce the fact that it is just a replication of the original, printed by the same technology that is used to print posters. No, people want texture, brush strokes, and a connection with the artist themselves, they want to take home that piece of art, and look at it day after day, and know that they helped themselves to a wonderful piece of someone’s soul, and they helped the artist who got out there, stuck their neck out, and made it happen for themselves.

Written By: Dersk One
Monthing in Asheville, NC


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